9 Tips on Saving Money in a Tough Economy

9 Tips on Saving Money in a Tough Economy from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom


Like everyone, we’re all noticing big changes in the costs of nearly everything we purchase lately. This topsy-turvy economy has everyone a bit worried. What can you do to easily save money on everyday purchases and help put a little extra money in your pocket? Here’s a list of 9 ways to SAVE SOME GREEN!

  1. Save money by saving gas. Make sure your tires are properly inflated and that your oil has been changed recently. Both measures help to ensure that your car is running smoothly and efficiently, and an efficient car is a car that uses less gas.
  2. Collect all of the change in jars, pockets, drawers and purses and put it to work. Bring the change to the bank where you have your savings account and deposit it. It does nothing for you sitting in an old jar or at the bottom of your purse.
  3. Use what you have before you buy more. If you have half-empty shampoo bottles, hotel- or sample-sized bottles, or partially-used tubes of lotion, make a point to use up what you have already. Waste of product is a waste of money.
  4. You’ve heard it before…switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs. Sure, they cost a little more to buy, but they last much longer and in the meantime use less energy. Buy them in multi-packs if you can and look to your local energy provider for rebates and other incentives.
  5. Use rechargeable batteries. If you have kids, you know everything seems to run on batteries. Again, there is a small financial outlay at first to buy the batteries and charger (look to price clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club for bulk deals on batteries) but in the long run you will purchase fewer of them and help save on batteries ending up in landfills.
  6. Bottle your own water. Not only will you help save the planet by producing less waste, but you’ll save money too. Purchase a faucet filter or pitcher with a filter and refill a plastic sports bottle instead of buying water in small bottles.
  7. While you’re at it, make your own coffee. I know, this is sacrilege for some people, but it can be done. Even if you splurge on the fancy creamers, you’ll still save money over buying your coffee at some fancy coffee place.
  8. Hang your laundry. Most people can hang their laundry outside in the sun and warmer weather. Hang just three loads of laundry a week in the great outdoors, and you’ll save over two hours of dryer time a week. That’s a nice chunk of electrical savings each month. Live in a colder climate? Buy an inexpensive clothing rack and dry your clothing in a warm laundry room or bathroom.
  9. Switch to a concentrated all-purpose cleaning solution. By switching to a concentrated formula you can control how much you use each time you clean by diluting for each job. And only buying one bottle for all of your cleaning jobs, as opposed to many expensive bottles, will not only save money, but also time and cabinet space.

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