A DIYer’s Guide To DIY During The Coronavirus

A DIYer's Guide To DIY During The Coronavirus from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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The world is going crazy during the Coronavirus pandemic. Here in the US, the states are doing what the federal government won’t and are starting to announce lockdowns. During this time, it’s essential that we follow the rules and stay safe so that we can get past this illness as quickly as possible.

Of course, you need stress and boredom-relieving methods so that you don’t have to deal with cabin fever, too! DIY is the answer, but the trick is to indulge in your favorite hobby while putting your health first.

Here are four ways to DIY during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Pick Up Household Items From General Stores

Depending on where you live and the current restrictions on businesses, you might not be able to travel to your favorite DIY store. Or, it could be shut indefinitely. However, there’s no need to use this as an excuse not to keep calm and carry on with household chores. Instead, you can buy the basics that you require for most jobs at the local supermarket. The likes of painting supplies and tools – screwdrivers, small drills, etc – are usually available. If they’re not, try and order them online and have them delivered to your home (if there is a time slot available!).

Strike A Stockpiling Balance

Everybody has seen the pictures of hoards of people lining up outside supermarkets. Some of them go around the block! You might have experienced them personally. Therefore, the idea of stockpiling is a sensitive issue because everyone must buy what they need and leave products and services for others. Still, that doesn’t mean you only need to purchase one of every item. Opting for two DIY materials is perfectly acceptable as it ensures you have what you require while maintaining enough stock for other shoppers.

Turn Your Attention To The Virus

Did you know that DIY is an excellent way to help safeguard your health against Corona? Yes, you can make your own protective gear with a handful of essentials. Currently, masks are popular, even if they aren’t as effective as washing your hands. Still, it stops germs from spreading via saliva. Another project for DIYers is a wipe-down pillowcase. The fabric absorbs bacteria, meaning your mattress could be a hotbed of activity for germs. With a pillowcase that you can wipe down, you can boost hygiene and lower the risk of contracting the disease. Plus, it saves money and time constantly doing laundry.

Advertise Your Creations

Lockdowns mean that groups of people might not be able to work even if they want to. The side-effect is a lack of money to pay bills and buy groceries. Thankfully, DIY is a legitimate avenue to boost your income while you’re temporarily unemployed. Again, making virus-centric equipment is likely to grab shopper’s attention (be sure not to advertise medical benefits), as is creating games. The nation is going to be bored, so any way that entertains people has a better chance of selling.

The Coronavirus doesn’t mean that DIY is over for the foreseeable future. With the right ideas and supplies, you can help yourself and the community.

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