Dinnertime: Tips To Spice Up Your Evening Meal

Dinnertime: Tips To Spice Up Your Evening Meal

Trust me, y’all, no one has been as exhausted from the dinnertime rut as I have. After years of cooking the same things and sitting in the same place, dinnertime can become downright boring. It starts to feel like a have to instead of want to. Let’s bring back the joy of that cozy evening meal with dinnertime tips to spice up your evening meal.

New Recipes

When the kids are young, we tend to cook what they want so the little buggers will eat. However, as time goes on, we may forget to change it up. And sometimes life gets so busy we just want to make something we are used to because it’ll be quick. It all makes sense, but the only way to make it fun again is to try some new ideas. When I feel like I might fall asleep when planning the weekly meals, due to the fact that the plot hasn’t changed and there’s no surprise ending, I know it’s time to hop online or read my favorite cooking magazine for new recipes.

Shake things up by creating a week of meals that represent a new country or the latest health food craze. Decide breakfast will be dinner every night for a week. Get creative with it, and y’all will come up with some new fun things.

New Spices

Some of your older recipes may have lost their luster, but you can make them shiny again with new seasonings and spices. Try your hand at an herb garden right in your kitchen and grab some fresh cilantro for your nacho dip the next time you make it, or fresh basil to elevate your spaghetti sauce. Sometimes it’s the little things that make old stuff new again.

Set the Mood

Set the table with candles. Whether it’s just you, you and your partner, or a house full of kiddos, candlelight helps everyone unwind and brings a relaxed yet elegant feeling back to the dinner table. Do it just for fun, and you may find the whole family wants candlelight every night.

Also, some pretty music in the background reminds us all that dinnertime isn’t a time to shovel food in and leave; rather, it’s our time to enjoy each other’s company. Turn on the tunes and slow down.

A Pretty Table

I don’t care who lives in your house—dinnertime deserves an attractive table. It’s these little extras that make mealtime fun again. Oh, I know, the kids may tease you, but trust me, deep down they love it, and they’ll have fond memories of dinnertime at home when they remember how you tried so hard to make it fun. A simple tablecloth or a vase of flowers now and then encourages the cook to keep cooking.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my dinnertime tips to spice up your evening meal. I know I’m looking forward to shaking things up a bit at my house as well. Bon Appétit!

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