8 Best Things One Should Know About Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

8 Best Things One Should Know About Frameless Glass Pool Fencing from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The world is changing pretty fast and people are adapting to trends that are not only changing lives but also making the world a better place to live in. Glass pool fencing is an idea that has become very popular and one that is significantly changing how people take care of their swimming pool area. 

A few considerations come to mind when choosing a suitable kind of glass to install in your pool area. Glass that can withstand harsh weather, strong winds and hit impact are some of the things you must look out for. In this article, we look into various factors you must look out for when installing frameless glass pool fencing.


The total cost of your glass fence will also include that of installation. The height, width, and choice of material glass type will also determine how much you finally pay for your fence. The other factor that may influence your budget is the number of entrances/gates required. Discuss all these details with the contractor so that you evaluate all details appropriately.

2. Safety

Glass walls are useful for two purposes: they can provide extra safety within your swimming pool and also give you a better view of everything else. 

Importantly, you have a role to ensure that the glass is installed in compliance with safety regulations.

3. Width and Height

Give special attention to the height and width of the glass fencing. Using the appropriate measurements for your fence will give you a great view and the desired levels of protection.

As you erect a frameless glass around your pool, consider local regulations as well. It is important to safeguard your investment by totally complying with the relevant guidelines. 

4. Custom-made glass panels

You may have an option to go for ready-made frameless glass for your pool or choose to get custom-made glass panels. One of the guiding ways of installing custom-made glass is ensuring that it matches the rest of your property. In order to get the right sizes, shapes, and color, it is advisable to work closely with pool glass fencing Brisbane experts and others in close to you.

5. Increases resale value

Additions done to your property whether for aesthetic or practical purposes increase the value of your property. Modern, well-installed frameless glass panels will significantly raise the resale value of your property, making it attractive to potential buyers. Homeowners find a glass fence around the pool as a good way of making this space special for family and guests. Such factors become essential in quoting a price when selling your home.

6. Needs Just Modest Maintenance 

The frameless glass wall can stay for a significantly long period if installed in the best way. The ease of maintenance that comes with the frameless glass wall is endearing to homeowners. Although the initial cost of maintenance may be higher, the cost of maintaining frameless glass fences is lower and more affordable. They only need regular cleaning and ensuring that they remain firm and well intact. Furthermore, glass doesn’t suffer so much from weather effects.

Regular cleaning with water and soap may just be the right maintenance needed to keep your glass clean.

7. Adds the aesthetic value of your space

The frameless glass around your pool is no doubt a sight to behold. Frameless glass can be creatively and artistically placed so that it works well with the pool environment. Using the reflection caused by water in the pool, the glass can make a beautiful sight in sunset and dawn.

The frameless glass is not meant to enhance the pool area alone but also the whole look of the surrounding area and your home at large. The aesthetic well-being of your compound will receive a great boost from neatly installed frameless glass.

8. Durability

Facilities such as a swimming pool in the home are expected to last for a long period of time and serve residents conveniently. As you erect as frameless glass around the pool, ensure that it can withstand the various changes for a long time. Bear in mind that this might be a rather expensive investment. It is only appropriate that it is done with long-term planning in mind for it to give value for money.

 The beauty of it is that high-quality glass can last for the long term and withstand a lot of structural and weather changes. 


The frameless glass around the pool is one simple way of modernizing the pool area in your home. With some experience in such installations, you can do-it-yourself or involve experts for an immaculately done job. One outstanding aspect of this technology, however, is that it brings with it several advantages including securing the swimming pool area for the sake of children.

In various places around the world, a frameless glass fence has become the trending way of keeping the swimming pool area top-notch. 

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