How to Get Your Pool Ready for winter

While most people think of pools as a summer-only thing, that’s not always the case. Many people have pool heaters or live in areas where weather permits wintertime swimming.

Moreover, while you may view pool care as merely a summer activity, that’s not the case, either. You may not be using your pool, but you still need to maintain it. As times goes by, without proper care, your repository might become dirty, messy, or even have cracks or other internal problems. If left neglected, these problems can compound and grow as expensive repair costs.

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If you want to avoid those costly repairs and messes, read on to find out how to get your pool ready for winter.

Clean your pool

The very first step in taking care of your pool during winter is to get rid of any debris in the pool. The waste can reach the bottom and rest there, causing stains in the pool, which become hard to get rid of later. So, getting rid of all the debris would help a great deal in maintaining your pool over the season.

Check the equipment

Your pool equipment is prone to damage if not cared for. Once you invest in pool equipment, you need to take care of it so that it doesn’t wear out. The biggest threat to the machine would be the formation of a chlorine layer on the pool. For this, you can use various cleaners to clean the chlorine off the equipment. To save time and money, you can also hire a professional service to clean your pool equipment.

Clean the filter

The next crucial step is to clean the filter. For this, you should backwash the filter of your pool. It would be better to delegate this work to a professional because doing this on your own could cause damage to both you and your pool. Contact an experienced company in pool remodeling Orange California to do this for you.

Fill it up with balanced water

The quality of water in your pool for winter has a lot to do with the health of your pool and the equipment. Balanced water prevents algae growth that could damage your pool and render it useless. Moreover, your equipment would be safe, without having layers of chlorine added gradually.

Use a cover

Once you have put in so much effort to clean your pool, you want it to remain clean. The best strategy is to protect your pool with a pool cover. Since you might not be using your pool for a few months, it wouldn’t even be a hassle. Just clean your pool and fit the cover on top. Take it off weekly to cleaning and maintenance, and then put it right back. A pool cover can benefit your pool in many ways. The process of evaporation is capable of bringing in harmful substances that can settle down in your pool. So, investing in a good quality pool cover would help you a great deal in keeping the pool clean and healthy. 

Do routine cleaning and pool maintenance

Once you have your pool cleaned and covered, it dramatically reduces the number of times you need to clean the pool yourself. Keep tracking the water quality in the pool consistently, weekly if possible. This ensures that the water stays balanced and doesn’t cause any potential trouble to your pool later on.

Following these steps will ensure your pool doesn’t get contaminated and cause a considerable repair expense later. You can look for various pool cleaning services, like pool remodeling Orange California to have experts clean your pool.

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