The Benefits of Custom Furniture Finishing

The Benefits of Custom Furniture Finishing

Regarding custom furniture finishing, there are several advantages to choosing this route. Depending on the type of furniture, this can add uniqueness to the finished piece and increase durability. Color options are also available, and you can choose from various finishes.

Unique design

There are many benefits to choosing custom furniture finishing San Antonio, TX, for your home. Not only does custom furniture offer superior quality, but it can also be tailored to fit your needs. In addition, custom furniture makers can work closely with you to develop a design before building the furniture. For example, they can work with clients to create 3D graphics of their proposed furniture. Then, they can make changes to suit your tastes and needs.

Custom furniture isn’t mass-produced at a furniture factory. The designer works with you to create suitable materials and finishes for your space. Because of this, custom furniture is likely to have a longer life span. Additionally, it will reflect your personality and style, so your family will enjoy the furniture for a long time. Unlike store-bought furniture, it can be easily repaired if damaged or worn out.


The durability of custom furniture finishing is determined by how well the finish resists chemicals, water, and heat. Wax is the least durable, and shellac is not resistant to alkalis. A water-based lacquer is a newer finish type with a lower volatile organic compound content.

The most durable finishes are varnish and penetrating resin. Varnish is a surface coat; damage to the varnish will not affect the wood beneath. Penetrating resins, on the other hand, harden within the wood and may stand up better to heavy use than varnish. They are also easier to reapply. Varnishes are the best option for most furniture refinishing needs.


The average cost to refinish wooden or metal furniture ranges from $200 to $3,000, but the price depends primarily on the size and material used. In addition to sanding the surface and applying a fresh coat of finish, metal furniture undergoes different processes than wooden pieces. The recovery process for metal furniture usually involves a process called powder coating. Powder-coating consists of applying polymer resins, pigments, and curatives to restore the color and shine of the metal furniture. The process requires a sprayed-on flour-like powder that is cured using heat.

Powder-coating a piece of furniture will cost around $100-$350. It involves a flour-like mix of pigments, curatives, and flow modifiers. Powder-coating is commonly associated with metal but can be done on other materials. However, because the finish is durable and tough, it requires advanced equipment. Also, unlike painting, powder-coating takes longer to cure. Therefore, if you want to get the furniture finish in just a few weeks, you might want to consider having it refinished.

Color options

Before ordering custom furniture, consider the color choices you have. Most manufacturers offer over 60 finishes, including traditional dark tones, light rub-through looks, and metallic leaf options. Depending on the type of finish you’d like, you can choose different color samples for door and drawer fronts, outer edges, and accents. To ensure that the color matches the rest of your furniture, you can have a sample shipped to you to evaluate the color options before placing an order.

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