How To Set Up A Football Academy After Retirement

How To Set Up A Football Academy After Retirement

As a pro footballer, you may have several things in your mind when retirement is around the corner. You will probably feel nostalgic about saying goodbye to the field, while money is another concern. Setting up a football academy after retirement is an excellent idea as it lets you stay connected with the sport and make money from a regular income source. But the entire project may sound daunting if playing the game is the only thing you have done all your life. Establishing an academy takes more than a good understanding of the sport. You must do a lot of research and planning before going ahead with the project. Here are some tips to set up a football academy successfully. 

Know the nitty-gritty

You require more than football skills to establish a training academy. Of course, being a professional player is an advantage, but you must know the nitty-gritty of running a training institution. Understand the funding basics, know your legal obligations, and dig deep into the health and safety issues before starting off. You may be eager and enthusiastic about the project, but remember that it entails a huge responsibility.  

Build a great team

You cannot run an academy alone, regardless of your knowledge, skills, and experience. A great team is vital to keep the business up and running. Have the correct team size with people having relevant abilities and experience. They can help you create viable training programs and ensure young players get the best.  Your team size depends on your budget, but you can always start small and grow as the academy scales down the line. 

Set up the perfect playing pitch

This one is a no-brainer because a perfect playing pitch is the mainstay of a successful sports academy. Start by collaborating with an expert to set up a superior football turf field that promises the best performance, durability, and safety. Your experience as a player will help you choose the ideal one at this stage.  The last thing you want to compromise with is the playing surface as it prepares learners to reach the next level of skills and expertise. 

Invest in proper equipment

Besides setting up the field, you must invest in the proper equipment to get your academy on the right track. You need the correct gear such as footballs, cones, obstacles, objective nets, objective posts, kiddie aprons, and step-stepping stools to train the players. The list sounds daunting, so you can consider the rental option initially and buy later as your academy grows. Besides owning the hardware assets, you must maintain them in good condition.

Create local support

Setting up the infrastructure is only the first step to establish a football academy. You must create local support to run it successfully. It helps you promote your academy through word-of-mouth and build its reputation in the long run. Consider training the underprivileged yet talented youth for free to do your bit for the community. It can take you a long way with community support and sponsorship opportunities. 

Setting up a football academy after retirement is a dream achievement for players. But you must have a plan and roadmap for the project to make it a breeze. 

Imala Green worked as a sports journalist with a leading daily prior to her current role as a content marketer. She loves writing about all kinds of sports, and her articles feature on top websites in the niche.

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