6 Warning Signs That You May Have A Pest Infestation

6 Warning Signs That You May Have A Pest Infestation from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

A pest infestation is a daunting thought for any homeowner because it can result in extensive damage. Moreover, it means that you may have to spend hundreds of dollars on extermination. Often, homeowners fail to realize that they even have a problem until it is too late. Wouldn’t it be better to be aware and address the problem quickly, before there is serious damage to your living space? What are the indications you should watch out for early detection? Here are some warning signs that you may have a pest infestation. 

A buildup of dirt and grime

The first visible sign of a potential infestation is a gradual buildup of dirt and grime on the walls and in the corners. You may even find greasy-looking smudges on the furniture edges as rodents tend to rub themselves against these surfaces. The house may appear dirtier than usual with crumbs on the floor and even hair or wings shed in the corners.

Pest droppings 

Another common sign of unwanted intruders being around is pest droppings in your home. Check the areas where pests are most likely to hide, such as the attic, basement, crawl spaces, area under the kitchen and bathroom sinks and corners behind the heavy furniture. If you notice pest droppings here, you can expect a major problem coming up.

Damage to fabric

If you notice damage to fabric and upholstery, the problem is probably bigger than you think. Don’t ignore signs such as stains, holes and scratch marks on the furniture fabric or curtains. You may be dealing with a major infestation and calling a Residential Pest Control service is the first thing you should do. Since pests have already started damaging your stuff, waiting more can aggravate the problem beyond resolution.

Holes and gnaw marks

Besides damage to the fabric, holes and gnaw marks on the furniture is another sign you should take seriously. You may even find holes in walls and floors, while there could be visible signs of scratching across these surfaces. Chewed electrical wires and scratch marks on cardboard boxes in the kitchen are other signs you should watch out for.

Strange smells 

Besides the visible indications of pest infestation, strange smells in your living space is also a reason to worry. This may happen because pests carry food from your kitchen to the corners and drop it there. Once these leftovers start rotting, there is the smell all around. Another reason why your home may become smelly is due to pest droppings. 

Unusual sounds

While you may experience foul odor in your home, unusual sounds also indicate a pest infestation. If you notice these sounds mostly at night, you can be sure that you have unwanted visitors. The strange sounds you should be vigilant about include scratching, squeaking and whining and they will probably appear be coming from the corners and above in the attic. 

Being watchful and taking timely action can prevent pest infestation and save you a lot of money in the long run. So you should surely pay heed to these warning signs.

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