Keep the Critters Out as Winter Approaches in Virginia

Keep the Critters Out as Winter Approaches in Virginia from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The crisp and coldness of winter is almost here. As this season is most animals and insects’ time of hibernation, winter can bring unwanted critters into your home as they search for warmth. 

Across Virginia, there are common pests that you can find, including: 

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Pillbugs
  • Centipedes
  • Stink bugs
  • Silverfish
  • Roaches  

These insects are around the region, but as the cold hits, they will be more eager to get inside houses for shelter, food, and breeding. The good news is that you don’t have to endure their presence throughout the winter seasons. There are some effective ways to keep critters out of your home.

Start Filling Any Holes

Animals and insects are highly sensitive to weather, and on the first signs of the cold season, it is in their nature to seek warm shelter. With this, they will try to get into your home and use any opportunity to do so. They can even get through holes that are as small as a quarter, so sealing up your homes before winter is a must.

Pests like rodents can perforate and enlarge small holes to make their way in, so prepare to outsmart them by sealing up gaps and holes in strategic parts of your house, no matter how small. This includes attics, ceilings, your basement, and garage, as well as your doors and windows. The crawl spaces for plumbing and electrical wirings can also be a passage for animals and insects.  

Plug holes before the cold weather hits. As early as summer or fall, it is best to inspect your home for any gaps and punctures that need repair. You should also check if there are pests already living in the caveats of your home and remove them before sealing. A regularly scheduled inspection every month or quarter will be very helpful to keep your home sealed from critters. 

Be Careful With Food

Traces of food can easily attract animals and pests into your home. So keep your home clean and be extremely cautious with food— where you prepare them, store them, and dispose of them.

The kitchen is where most food items are stored and prepared, making it prone to infestations. Therefore, put in extra effort to keep your kitchen clean and pest-proof. Using air-tight containers and trash bins with lids can help contain the scent of any possible food for pests. Fruits and vegetables should either be consumed right away or refrigerated when needed to be stored. 

You should not only keep human food closed up but also pet food. As pet food and snacks are made to smell delicious and attractive to animals, this will likely attract pests of many kinds. Feed pets inside so outside animals aren’t attracted to the food. Also, clean up their feeding dish whenever they are done eating. 

Keep Your Garbage Secure

In addition to food wastes, different forms of trash in your garbage can easily attract pests into your home. With that, ensure that your garbage disposal system and schedule are set up. Use trash bins with a lid, and if possible, those that animals can’t easily open. In-door trash bins can be small and can be opened easily, but they should be regularly cleaned out. 

Outdoor garbage cans and bins should be kept closed or in an enclosed space. You can weigh down their lids with rocks to avoid rodents from rummaging and insects from entering and breeding inside your garbage cans. 

It is also highly advisable to clean out trash cans occasionally. This can be tedious and difficult to do on cold winter days when you want to snuggle down in your blanket, but it is essential. Cold seasons are when animals and insects struggle to find food, so the stench of your trash and garbage will attract them towards your home if you are not cautious.  

Eradicate the Problem Quickly

Pest problems can multiply quickly, even before you take notice. The best way to avoid them is to maintain your home rigorously. Regular house cleaning, inspection, and repairs can help you easily find the first signs of infestations and take action quickly. If pests are already inside, building their fortress, you can also try DIY ways to get rid of pests at home. You can set up traps for ants and rodents or use bug sprays to eliminate pests here and there. Just be careful when handling chemicals on your own.  

When the infestation seems more serious and difficult to handle by yourself, it is best to get professional help. Find a provider that specializes in your area. For example, look for pest control services in Northern Virginia and keep their phone number and contact details handy. Knowing the providers near you can help you fight those pests faster. 

No Critters for the Winter

Your best weapon against pests this winter, and any other season for that matter, is always precaution and preparedness. As you prepare those fleece blankets and warm jackets, add the pest control efforts to your list too before the winter comes. This way, you will be able to enjoy the whole season sitting warm inside your home, pest-free.

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