Budget Bathrooms that are Eco-friendly

Budget Bathrooms that are Eco-friendly from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

These days, people are becoming more and more environmentally conscious. Whether it’s a result of the massive campaigns of organizations or simply a personal sense of responsibility, it is a great trait to have. That’s why if you are looking to update your bathroom fixtures and accessories, it would make sense to choose cost-effective and eco-friendly products as opposed to lavish and elegant fixtures that were made via non-eco-friendly processes. Here are a few ways you can accomplish eco-friendly changes to your bathroom.  


If there are plans for renovating the entire bathroom, a narrow bath or a shower should be prioritized. These have limited capacity but will save you a lot of water in the long run. Narrow baths require less water to cover the entire body. Likewise, a water saving shower and shower head inside a shower cabin are also much more efficient and use even less water than narrow baths so this might could be better still. Considering these options will allow you to save on future energy costs.

Bath Bridge

A lot of us use bath bridges. These are usually metallic and have chrome finishes and are used for storing our bath items that need to be close at hand. Sometimes, when relaxing, we use these bath bridges for holding drinks, our phones or a book. Instead of buying bath bridges made of synthetic material, it is advised to buy bamboo ones instead. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant which means it can replenish quite quickly. It is also lightweight and strong which makes it the perfect alternative material. It is also sold cheaper in the market and lasts longer than most metals and plastics.  

Toilet Seat

When it comes to toilet seat replacement, we have a lot more options these days. Wood and plastic used to be the only choices. Rubberwood, however, has surfaced and is extremely eco-friendly. It comes from exceeding wood in the latex industry. Instead of it going to waste, the material has been used to create this product. Seats made from this product have an excellent wood-grain effect. Likewise, these products are also cost-effective, priced cheaper than or similarly to wood and plastic seats. Pile its eco-friendliness on top of that and you’ve got a decent product that will last you a long time.  


When the paint is produced by the petrochemical industry, a single liter of the substance creates around 30 liters of toxic waste. As such, it isn’t a pretty eco-friendly product. There are paint production techniques that result in lesser waste though. Water-based and chemical free paint are examples of these. Not only were they produced in less-harmful means, they also don’t increase the toxicity of your household. What does this mean? Paint that isn’t chemical free emits volatile organic compounds after around 5 years it was used. This contributes to air pollution which can influence or worsen respiratory conditions of the people living in the home. Chemical-free paint isn’t that mainstream yet but it is definitely beneficial to both the environment and the people in the household if this option is used.  

Green Lighting

There is no better time to switch to LEDs than now. LED bulbs help you save on energy costs without sacrificing performance. Considering that they have very low wattage, you can expect savings of up to 80% on your energy bill.

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