Antique Interior – Porcelain, Clocks, and Rugs

Antiques are considered to be exquisite pieces of any item that dates back to an earlier period in time. Collectors of antiques are interested in the very fine details that are found in furnishings from a different era, or the intricate designs and works of clocks built by the experienced craftsmen of a particular time. People today will go to great length to find certain pieces, and they are usually at a high-end cost. Antiques are more expensive because they come from a time when the materials used were all-natural and handcrafted. Designers from past eras were self-taught or learned by being a protege of other artistic people.

Antique Interior - Porcelain, Clocks And Rugs from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
antique clocks

Choosing to buy an antique clock

Antique clocks are one of the most popular antique items of today. Finding an antique clock for sale is generally done through certified antique dealers who will have certificates of authenticity for each item they have in inventory. Porcelain clocks are highly requested by true antique enthusiasts, but it is wise to be aware of replicas that look the same but are not authentic. When choosing to purchase a real antique, research the dealer to ensure that they are certified antique dealers who have a history of selling authentic products.

Antique rugs

Typically, when a person has an antique rug on the floor, it is generally off-limits for walking on. These fine antique pieces were designed decades, even centuries ago, and although they may be fragile, they were made from some of the most durable material from that date in time. They are handcrafted, not manufactured, and each detail elaborately defined. Most antique rugs, like a true Persian rug, have designs of Royalty, and interesting facts about a specific period in time. Vintage rugs are advertised and sold for under $100, but these are not genuine antique rugs like the ones that can be found in museums of history. Antique rugs can also be found in high-end hotels in frames and hung on walls in the lobby. This displays the rug but also protects it from wear.

Antique Interior - Porcelain, Clocks And Rugs from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Fine porcelain pieces

Antique porcelain is a very delicate material and is often shown off at tea parties held by the rich and famous. Tea sets of antique porcelain are costly but requested by those who collect and enjoy the finer things in life. Made up until 1910, porcelain can include saucers, cups, plates, and other decorative items, and can be either hand-painted or plain. Porcelain is identified by markings underneath the porcelain. Some may have company names, but other pieces may have codes like numerical symbols or patterns. Much of the porcelain was manufactured after 1891, but it is not considered antique. Porcelain pieces with the name Bone China, or English Bone China, may look authentic but is not true porcelain. There are some facts to learn before buying antique porcelain to ensure that what you choose is truly antique porcelain.

Antique collectors will enhance their decor with as many antique pieces as they can find with clocks, porcelain, and rugs being at the top of their list. One of the most exciting aspects of buying antique pieces is locating the ones that are truly authentic with the cost that proves it. If you want to invest in an antique item, it is best to do some research in order to be assured that what you have in mind is worth the money. Buying antiques from online department stores, or sellers may not be the smart way to obtain an antique. You need to be able to examine the items and know what to look for. A beautiful antique rug would be a showpiece in any home, and to hear the chimes from an antique clock is more melodic than any song. 

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