3 Ways to Prepare Your Home For The Arrival Of A New Baby

3 Ways to Prepare Your Home For The Arrival Of A New Baby

If you’ve got a baby on the way, you’ll likely go through a stage known as the “nesting period”. This means that suddenly the state of your home will become your top priority. You’ll want to ensure that everything is in its proper place, that all the items you need are stocked and ready to go, and that all your laundry and dishes are kept up with.

This nesting period can be great for giving you that boost of energy to get some necessary things done before the baby gets here. However, without some direction, that energy could be spent doing some rather unnecessary things. So to help you best harness your nesting energy into something good for yourself and your baby, here are three ways to prepare your home for the arrival of a new baby.

Focus On The Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of life for many families. And for many parents, the prospect of bringing in another person with all their bottles and other eating utensils can seem more than your kitchen can handle. If you decide you need more space, consider a kitchen remodel that will be completed at least a month before your due date to ensure everything is ready if the baby comes a little early. But if you know you have enough space, Liz Krieger, a contributor to Parents.com, suggests simply putting away items that you don’t use often so there’s ample room for all the baby gear you’ll be using soon.

Keep The Air Clean

Every choice a parent or future parent makes is done with the intent to make their child happy and healthy. However, little things you might not even realize could be making the very air your child will be breathing potentially dangerous for him or her. According to Steve Schiff, a contributor to Fatherly.com, things like air fresheners, cleaning products, candles, and even some produce can give off harmful chemicals into the air of your home. To combat these issues, try to avoid using these products and rid your home of other airborne toxins by using HEPA air filters and bringing in some house plants to naturally make the air in your home safer.

Disinfect The House Safely

When babies are little, their immune systems are little, too. Knowing this, it’s vital to do all you can to keep germs away from them in the beginning. To help with this, HealthyChildren.org recommends giving your house a good, deep scrub all over before you give birth. Clean and disinfect things as well as you can without resorting to the use of harsh chemicals.

If you’re about to bring a baby into your home, use the tips mentioned above to make sure it’s safe and ready for your new arrival.

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