5 Things to Consider When Getting an Uncontested Divorce

5 Things to Consider When Getting an Uncontested Divorce from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Divorce can be a hard time in someone’s life. Having an uncontested divorce can be the easiest option when getting a divorce if your situation will work for it. Here are five things to consider when getting an uncontested divorce.

1. Having a Lawyer is Still a Good Idea

An uncontested divorce is nice because you and your spouse agree you want a divorce, and there really isn’t much to fight about. It can be that simple, but it is still a good idea for each spouse to get legal advice from a lawyer. You don’t need a lawyer to represent you in court because with an uncontested divorce Tampa you don’t always have to appear in court, but he or she can still let you know about your rights in your separation and make sure you understand the laws surrounding it. 

2. Know What You are Entitled Too

You might try to be nice and just walk away from things you deserve as part of the divorce. Most states have a law that each spouse is entitled to 50% of everything in the marriage. This even includes earnings from your spouse’s job. Make sure you know everything that you can get so that you are set up for success after the divorce is finalized. 

3. Everything Needs to be Agreed Upon

In a divorce, it is common to have a lot of disagreements. The point of an uncontested divorce is that everyone agrees on all the terms. If you and your spouse have any disagreements at all, an uncontested divorce will not be the right option.

4. There is Still a Waiting Period

A lot of states have waiting periods for a divorce of any kind. An uncontested divorce is faster because you skip a lot of the legal work of going to court, which can take years, but you still have to adhere to all of the laws in the state where you live. 

5. Simpler and Cost Effective

An uncontested divorce is a pretty streamlined process. Once you decide that is the way you want to go, you can even do it online. You will also save money by not spending time in court. 

Working with your spouse to come to an agreement before your divorce can be a huge benefit when it comes to the speed and cost of a divorce. By involving a lawyer to make sure everything looks okay, you can still follow all the laws and get what is rightfully yours. 

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