5 Spring Remodeling Projects to Brighten Your Home

5 Spring Remodeling Projects to Brighten Your Home from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Hey, y’all! It’s that time—time to start planning for your spring cleaning, renovations, and remodels. Whether you want to keep it low-key this year and simply spend some time cleaning up your space, or you have big plans to make your house into a home, I’ve got what you need. When it comes to remodeling ideas, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the different ways to update your space. Lucky for you, I compiled a list of some of my favorite spring remodeling projects to brighten your home.

Everyone deserves a space that can both calm and energize them, depending on the room they’re in. These project ideas are here to open up your space and provide a fresh perspective on your home and your life. From adding windows to let the fresh air into adding more color to energize, I’ve listed what y’all need—take a look below.

Add More Color

There are so many wonderful ways to add color to your home, and splashing some color is one of the best ways to revive your space. If there’s one thing you do from this list in the spring, I definitely recommend this one. Spicing up your space and adding a touch of color here and there will give your home more personality and energy. It can be as simple as painting the back of the bookshelf, or go as big as painting an accent wall—it’s a fun first project!

Shed Some More Light

If y’all want to brighten your home, then windows are the way to go. Now, not all of us can make our home into a greenhouse with tons of windows, but we can make the most of the windows we have. Either expand your windows or get some good window treatments. When you care for your windows you’ll feel a lot more of that fresh air and warm sunlight streaming through.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

I want you to think about your outdoor space. After winter, our lawns need a lot of care, so this should be on your to-do list (it’s on mine!). Whether it’s simply fixing up your lawncare game or adding in a patio, there are many ways to refine your outdoor areas. I highly recommend focusing on your lawn right out of winter, and then throughout the spring and into summer you can improve the gardens and focus on your house’s general curb appeal. Making the outside an attention grabber will bring a brighter touch to your home.

Utilize Your Spare Room

If any of your kids have left the nest, then it’s time to make the most out of that spare room. Make it into a home office, a theater room, a hobby space, or a fitness area. Either way—do something with it. You don’t want a room in your home to go to waste; plan something for it!

Green-Up Your Home

My last project idea for you is about making your home more environmentally friendly. It’s quite simple, really—the greener your home, the brighter it’ll be. When you add more plants, when you let the light in more, and when you use eco-friendly cleaning products you’re getting eliminating toxins that can leave your home with a fog. Brighten and clear up your space when you put a green-thumb focus on your projects. I’m going to try some of these spring remodeling projects to brighten the home—y’all should too.

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