Be Kind to Your Pipes

Be Kind to Your Pipes

Your pipes are one of the unseen heroes in your home. When they’re operating properly, you may not think about them much, but when something goes wrong, they’re all you can think about. If the pipes have been draining slowly when you shower, you hold your breath every time you start the faucet. If your toilet has been acting finicky, you’ll say a silent prayer every time you hold down the handle. No one enjoys standing in water when they shower. Really, if you wanted to do that, you would take a bath and sit down in the tub like a civilized human.

The only thing worse than standing water is water that overflows. Overflowing sinks and bathtubs aren’t great, but overflowing toilets are definitely the worst scenario.

You can’t prevent every pipe problem all by yourself. If the person who lived in your apartment before you regularly flushed quarters down the toilet, then you’re already coming in at a disadvantage. However, there are things you can do to be kinder to your pipes.

Don’t Flush Certain Things Down the Toilet

This seems like a fairly easy one because you’d have to be really clueless to flush a tampon or something down the commode, right? Maybe so, but there are lesser-known dangers as well. Look, people run out of toilet paper at inconvenient times. If you wake up at 2 a.m. and find out the roll is empty, you’ll probably be tempted to just grab a paper towel or something. Please don’t. Paper towels aren’t designed to be safe for septic systems the way that toilet paper is. A few paper towels could do a real number on the pipes, and then you might get a gentle lecture from your friendly neighborhood plumber.

Similarly, you’ve probably seen those “personal hygiene” wipes that are sold in the toilet paper aisle. But just because you can flush them doesn’t mean you should. Ask the numerous plumbers who have identified “flushable” wipes as the culprit in clogs.

Of course, you can’t always help sending extra things down the drain. The mere act of showering can send soap, hair, and grime right down the drain. But if all that debris builds up over time, you may need to call drain cleaning services in Baltimore, or Dallas, or Fresno, or any other place where you live and use water. And if a plumber asks if you’ve flushed anything weird down the toilet lately, it’s best to just be honest. They’ll find it eventually.

The Water You Can’t See

Of course, not every water issue originates in the bathroom or kitchen. Sometimes you’ll notice damp spots on the walls or floor, or pipes that seem sweaty. You may also smell something kind of musty. If water has built up at the base of the house, you probably have an issue with your interior water management system. Such issues are more common in older houses, and you want to get on top of things when the problem is still in its early stages. Call waterproofing experts who can install a better water management system that will protect your house.

Water issues are incredibly frustrating. They can make the calmest individual feel helpless and stupid. You aren’t stupid, and you aren’t helpless. You will, however, probably need help from some professionals. Remember that they’ve seen it all, and they won’t think you’re a bad person if you’ve flushed a few wet wipes down the toilet. They just want to fix your pipes and remind you to take care better care of them going forward.


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