5 Tips for Maintaining Your Manual Transmission

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Manual Transmission

Driving with a manual transmission doesn’t look easy, and that’s because it isn’t. There’s a significant difference between an automatic and a manual vehicle. With an automatic car, the gears shift for you. With a manual one, you change the gears yourself. So naturally, you’ll need to take care of your manual car differently than you would an automatic automobile. Here are five tips for maintaining your manual transmission that I recommend.

Avoid Engine Braking

When you’re coming up to a stop sign, you need to slow down so that you can eventually stop. Some people try to use their gear shift to stop, but that is so bad for your transmission, y’all. That does nothing but cause wear and tear on your gears. When you need to stop, use the brake pedal. It’ll be so much easier in the long run because you won’t have to take your car into the shop that often.

Check Fluid Levels

As with any car you own, you need to check all the fluid levels in your power-steering, brakes, transmission, and windshield washer fluid. Doing this will ensure you’re keeping an eye on anything that may be getting low. Filling up the windshield washer fluid will help you when you get mud on your car from your kid’s soccer game!

Lift Your Foot Off The Clutch Pedal

Another term for this is “riding the clutch.” Resting your foot on the clutch pedal will wear out your clutch, which is pretty crucial in a manual car! So, I think a reminder to lift your foot off of it is helpful.

Caring For Your Clutch

Make sure that you take care of your clutch as best as you can, y’all. This means fully engaging it when you’re changing gears and avoiding shifting too fast. When you’re at a stoplight, simply put the car in neutral and release the clutch. There are also signs you should watch out for to determine if you need to replace your clutch, so make sure to watch out for those signs and take care of your clutch!

Get It Serviced Often

Getting your car serviced is a big one y’all. The most important part of maintaining your manual car is taking it into the shop whenever you notice something is off. This tip can make such a massive difference in how it drives and might even save you lots of money in the future!

Hopefully, now you understand the five tips for maintaining your manual transmission! Overall, taking care of your car is super vital. This is especially true when you need to take your kids to school, doctor’s appointments, choir concerts, and everywhere else because they can’t drive!

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