5 Most Common Reasons That People Get Divorced

5 Most Common Reasons That People Get Divorced from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Divorce is incredibly common in today’s world.  Although most people would like to believe that their marriage will last forever, they often find themselves down the road, ready to end the marriage.

So, what makes these relationships fail to last? Why is divorce so common in people who once seemed so in love? Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why happy marriages end in divorce.

Lack Of Communication

Communication is everything when it comes to making a relationship work.  When two people don’t know how to have a simple conversation, then it creates a distance between them.

Communication makes it possible for two people to connect on a deep level.  Without communication, arguments arise, and you lose sight of who the other person is.

How can you expect to want to stay married to someone that you know nothing about? If you hope for your marriage to last, then it’s essential that you both learn how to talk to each other about everything.  This includes all sorts of conversations from talking about your feelings to what you think about the weather that day.


Although disagreeing on finances might seem like a trivial problem, money plays a huge role in our everyday lives. It’s important that you both have the same views on the value of money and how it should be spent.

When couples don’t see eye-to-eye on where their money should be going, then it can cause serious distrust among them. It’s not uncommon for couples who don’t agree on money to start hiding expenses form each other in an effort to avoid arguments.

The problem with that is that it leads to betrayal and ultimately, the demise of the relationship.

Different Interests

Sometimes people get married way too soon and the relationship on attraction. Over time they start to realize that in reality, they don’t have many things in common at all.  They realize that the person they married is entirely different from them.

This is why it’s so important not to rush into marriage too soon.  Instead, get to know somebody by building a friendship based on mutual interest and respect.

Lack Of Intimacy

Sometimes couples lose sight of how vital intimacy is.   In order for you and your partner to feel loved and cherished, you should have physical contact. When you lose intimacy, you lose the romance.

Without romance, a married couple is nothing more than roommates.


Although cheating is usually a symptom of something else going on, it’s often a common cause of divorce.  When one of the people in the relationship strays, then the other loses all trust. As a result, any hope of rekindling what’s been lost is gone.

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