5 Kitchen Cabinet Trends of 2019

Kitchen cabinet renovations are a big thing this year. Keep reading for 5 kitchen cabinet trends of 2019.

The kitchen is the most frequented room in the house. It’s the heart of the home and should thus be a functionally enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing place to be.

Renovations are a thing of the now. For a typical homeowner in 2017, $15,000 was the average amount spent on renovations. And why shouldn’t you renovate the place where you spend the majority of your life?

We want it to be a place of rest and relaxation, a place where we feel proud to host dinner parties or enjoy a movie night with our families. The kitchen is a great place to start.

Kitchen cabinet trends for 2019 are even more exciting than the years before. Keep reading to find out 7 of these trends that you might want to consider for your kitchen, today.

1. The Open Shelving Trend

Open shelving is on the rise. It’s no longer a thing for coffee shops and bars. It can actually create a very open, modern feel in your at-home kitchen. 

In the modern world, less is often more. And especially for those farmhouse and industrial kitchens, the open shelving trend is an excellent choice.

It’s one of the best kitchen designs if you want to save money. And there are many ways to add your own style to this trend. You could go for a more rustic look with raw materials like solid, unfinished wood and tarnished metal for installing. 

If your kitchen is already bright you could go for darker shelving. Or if you want to brighten it up anymore, you could go for a lighter wood, a soft stain, or even painted white shelving.

Either way, the open shelving trend is one of the best ways to showcase the uniqueness of your minimalism.

2. The Concealed Trend

Many people prefer a more mysterious and clean look to their kitchen cabinets. This latest kitchen trend has been done before but not to the magnificence that it is being done now.

Many of us don’t have a perfect number of perfect glass jars, wine glasses, and matching bowl sets. We have strange coffee mugs and mismatched Tupperware, bowls from our grandmother, and all sorts of drinking glasses. 

Furthermore, many of us don’t have time to keep things as organized and neat as we would like. This is where the concealed trend comes in handy. With no handles and solid doors, there are many different styles and materials that can be used to create a beautiful wall-like look to your kitchen. 

Clunky handles won’t stand out like eyesores and you’ll be left feeling at ease with everything out of sight.

You can take your time finding the perfect refurbished wood to use for doors. Or you can opt to choose from a myriad of options by purchasing your kitchen cabinets wholesale.

3. The Open Frame Trend

The open frame trend provides a great way to get the look of open shelving while still having space to store lots of stuff. Basically how it works is that some shelves are closed with opaque doors, whereas some shelving is closed using glass panels so that you can see what’s inside.

These open frame cabinets can look more modern or traditional depending on the materials and finishes used. There is a lot of room for variety here. You could use the glass panels to showcase that fine China that was passed on to you. Or you could use it to showcase a unique selection of wine glasses. 

Either way, you have cabinets to show off what’s inside and cabinets for what you don’t want people to see, like your Tupperware.

4. The Slab Door Cabinet Trend

Slab door cabinets are incredibly modern, sleek, and chic. They can come in matte or glossy finishes. They can be wood or metal. And they can be with or without hardware. 

Using slab doors for your cabinets is a great way to achieve a modern 2019 aesthetic without having to worry about what’s inside. This minimalist Swedish design trend is especially popular in smaller spaces or spaces where there is only one wall for shelving.

If you want to make your home even more modern, you can decide to turn your house into a smart home.

5. The Traditional Cabinet Trend

Not everyone has the funds to fork out for ripping out their kitchen cabinets and installing all new ones. So even though you might cringe every time you take a look at your outdated traditional ones, there are things you can do to bring them up to date.

You could refinish or paint them to make your kitchen brighter or more fun. You could switch out the knobs. You could opt to keep some and compliment those traditional ones with some added open shelving that compliments them in color and material.

Either way, traditional can also be modern. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint to give you that new feeling of excitement the next time you’re making dinner.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends Are Here for a Reason

If you’re looking at your home with hundreds of ideas on how to renovate and make it into the perfect home for you and your family, you aren’t alone.

But you don’t have to be overwhelmed and feel like you need to do it all at once. Start with one room at a time, and then within that room, one thing at a time. Kitchen cabinet trends of 2019 are endless. There are tons of options on how to make your place look more modern. 

Even if you’re not in a position to redo your kitchen cabinet entirely, you can still add some pizzazz by changing knobs or re-painting. Or, you could add a backsplash of mosaic tiles. Either way, the options for renovating are endless. And it doesn’t take much to feel better about the room where most of us hang out the most.

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