6 Ways to Simplify Your Life When Camping

6 Ways to Simplify Your Life When Camping From North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom.

When you load up your RV and go on a camping trip, there’s a lot going on. From packing up to setting up and taking down camp and all the time in between, there are ways to make things easier for yourself.

And why not? You deserve to relax and enjoy yourself, too. From entertaining the kids to keeping things organized to making sure you’re covered in case of a mechanical emergency, all the information you need is here.

1. Camping Games

No one likes to hear a child whine, “I’m bored.” During those downtimes, keep things interesting for children. The best part about these games is that they don’t require any technology, so if you’ve made a no-electronics rule, these are a perfect way to make camping with kids easier.

Glow Stick Games

Outdoor games are fun, but they can be made even more fun at night. Try these glow stick games from The Spruce that include Glow in the Dark Ring Toss, Glow Bowling and Glow Stick Scavenger Hunt. What a way to light up the night!

Outdoor Olympic Games

This probably works best with a group of kids. Remember those field days you had at school growing up? This can be your take on them while camping. Consider a three-legged race, tossing cornhole bags, glow stick relays, egg toss, and more. You can even provide some fun prizes that kids can use while camping.

Campfire Pizza Cookoff

This is really more of an activity than a game, but it still can be a lot of fun for kids. Allow kids to create their own campfire pizzas and then cook them in a dutch oven. Provide a variety of ingredients that kids can have fun with, such as pineapple, pepperoni, olives, peppers, Canadian bacon, sauce, and different types of cheeses.  

Camping Bingo

This spin on traditional Bingo can be used during a hike. Print out these Bingo cards from the Ranger Rick site, which include all kinds of items that can be found in nature. As kids find these items on the hike, they can mark them off on their care until someone calls “Bingo!”

Explain to children that it’s not necessary to collect the items, only to find them.

2. Cover Your Bases

Games aren’t the only way to make your camping experience easier. Another way to make camping easier is to make sure your RV is covered in case of a mechanical breakdown. To give yourself peace of mind, consider signing up for an extended service plan Good Sam offers.

Plans are affordable and if your repairs last a few days, the plan even offers a generous reimbursement for things like meals, hotel rooms, and a rental car.

3. Be Prepared

Once you get to your campsite, the last thing you want is to realize you forgot something. At that point, you’ll either have to drive to the nearest store or do without. Use this camping checklist to help make sure you have what you need. Then, you won’t need to go anywhere once you get to your destination.

4. Stay Organized

No matter what type of camping you’re doing — tent or RV — it’s critical that you keep everything organized. Otherwise, the trunk of your car or the inside of your RV will look like a tornado came through.

When tent camping, put all of your supplies in clear tubs so that you can easily find what you need. When RV camping, put everything away in the storage areas of the RV and make a rule that when something is used it must be returned to its storage area.

5. Make Meals Simple

When camping, you’re on vacation. You need to relax and enjoy yourself, so make meals as simple as possible. Pull out the crockpot and put on a stew in the morning that will be ready to eat in the evening. Use a plastic liner inside the pot so you won’t have a mess to clean up.

You can also do sandwiches or hot dogs for a couple of meals. Salad ingredients with a pre-made source of protein such as a rotisserie chicken or grilled chicken strips is also quick and easy.

6. Take Time to Enjoy Yourself

Last, but not least, you need to take some time to enjoy yourself. Make an effort to plan this time or it probably won’t happen. Take a hike. Lounge in a hammock. Watch the birds. Whatever it is that makes you happy — take the time to do it.

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