5 Gardening Tools to Start Your First Garden

5 Gardening Tools to Start Your First Garden from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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Gardening is a favorite hobby of millions of people from all across the world. In fact, gardening is reaching an all-time high as over 75% of American families are gardening in some capacity. Some just like how the flowers in their yard look, while others will want to grow food for their family to eat. In addition to being rewarding and fun, gardening can even help people feel better. Gardening has been shown to improve your mood, keep you active and connect you with nature. However, getting started with gardening can seem quite intimidating. Thankfully, there are some gardening tools that can help you get started. Some of the tools will help you dig, some help you prepare the soil and some will simply help optimize the gardening process.

Without any further ado, this article is going to go over some of the best gardening tools to have to start your first garden.


5 Gardening Tools to Start Your First Garden from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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No matter what sort of gardening you are doing, you will likely need to use some gloves. When dealing with thorny plants and sharp tools, having gloves can save you from a lot of potential cuts. Also, your hands will get filthy in the garden without using gloves. The gloves you use should be durable, fit well, allow for easy movement and be breathable. These can be easily picked up from any home improvement store or even found online.

A Broadfork

Breaking up densely packed soil is important when planting a garden, and a broadfork is an incredible tool to help you do so. It consists of many long metal tines that can easily puncture the surface of the ground when the user steps on the crossbar. These tools will also help the aeration and drainage of your garden, as well. Because of how they work, they will not disrupt the topsoil structure and will maintain the levels and layers of soil.

A Hoss Seeder

While planting seeds is necessary for any garden, it can be a cumbersome process. Planting each and every seed individually can take a very long time, and potentially lead to a lot of back pain. Instead, consider using a Hoss seeder. This is a tool that allows you to simply wheel it along as it plants dozens of seeds for you in the time it would usually take you to plant a few. It will speed up the process, and also make it a lot easier.

Hand Tools

When gardening, sometimes you need to be a little more detailed and precise with your movements. In these cases, having some hand tools will be necessary. There are dozens of different hand tools from garden forks, to hand trowels to small hand shovels and so many others. These can often be found easily, and often can be purchased in a package deal so you can get all that you need.

A Garden Hoe

A garden hoe is a staple in the shed of any gardener. While people may think that all garden hoes are the same, this actually isn’t the case. There are several different kinds, with many different use cases. Some are used for cutting weeds, while others may be used for turning the soil. They can also come in many different shapes and sizes.

In conclusion, the tools included in this article are great to have when starting your very first garden.

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