7 Key Elements of a Functional and Beautiful Bathroom

7 Key Elements of a Functional and Beautiful Bathroom from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Every home needs a bathroom that looks exquisite. It is the ideal space to unwind and relax. Therefore, in case you are planning to remodel your home, pay more attention to two key features: functionality and aesthetics. The good thing is that if you focus on some aspects of design, you can achieve some of these features. Having an excellent bathroom makes you relax your mind after you get home from a long day. Additionally, a bathroom with all the cool features motivates you in the morning before you leave for work. Therefore, the question is, how do you achieve your dream bathroom? Here are some of the critical elements you should focus on for a functional and beautiful bathroom.

1. Lighting

Nobody wants a bathroom that has some dark sections because all the light is concentrated in specific areas. A good bathroom should have a well-lit scheme. Buy a bright light and fit it on top of your mirror so that you can see yourself clearly when you are grooming yourself. Additionally, having enough light in your bathroom makes it seem like it has more space than usual.

But here is a trick if you get the proper mirror like the ones you would find at Madeli it can make all the difference in how bright and airy your bathroom feels.

2. Smart Storage

No matter the size of your bathroom, using every available space for storage is necessary. If you opt to deal with professionals, they will advise you on how to use all the space available to the fullest. Think about creating openings on your walls and forming some useful storage niches. In case your bathroom is small, do not hesitate to switch to open shelves to avoid making the room seem cramped. Alternatively, if you have bar carts, you can use them as an extra storage space for your bathroom. You can store extra towels and tissue paper rolls in the cart. You also have the option of using magnetic organizers to store your cosmetics and ensure easy retrieval. A preferable place to store the magnetic organizers is on the inside of cabinets so that they are not visible all the time.

3. Huge Walk-in Showers

If you have plans to design a master bathroom, it is always advisable to design a large shower. Nothing beats the feeling of warm water running down your shower head, surrounded by beautiful tiles and French doors. Therefore, when coming up with unique design bathroom renovations, consider expanding the room. Another advantage of having a large bathroom is the fact that it is easier to clean and dry.

4. Built-in Sauna

Every bathroom needs to have a sauna. People enjoy building up a sweat before they take a shower. On the other hand, some people live in icy areas, and they need heat. A significant advantage of a sauna is that it is not expensive and does not take up much space in your bathroom. Fitting in a sauna in your bathroom is possible. Therefore, if you think that installing a sauna can only be done by the rich, you need to think again. Research about the kind of sauna that would be ideal for your bathroom. You will be shocked to find that the price of the sauna when you search for Finlandia saunas for sale completely favors your pockets.

You will discover that in case you have a lot of pressure or stress, you can go to your sauna anytime and unwind. With proper planning and savings, everybody can afford a sauna.

5. Bathroom with a View

For some people, having a bathroom with a view is unachievable because the neighbors live close by. It is a nice feeling to catch a great view as you relax in your tub with warm water. If your home happens to have a lot of privacy, you should consider expanding your bathroom windows so that you can get a better view of the outside world. Taking a bath as you enjoy the view outside helps to relax your mind. If it is a Sunday afternoon, you can fill your tub with warm water and relax in it as you appreciate the view of nature outside. Once you are done with such a session, you will notice that you have less stress in your mind and you can think better and faster.

6. Japanese Soaking Tub

Some people do not prefer installing a shower in their bathrooms. Therefore, they fit a bathtub. However, people no longer install full-size bathtubs anymore because space can be used for something else. You are advised to fix a Japanese soaking tub because it consumes less space and allows the person taking a bath to submerge in the water entirely. The other traditional bathtubs do not allow you to submerge your body inside fully. Nowadays, most people prefer the Japanese soaking tub because it helps you relieve all your day’s stress at once. People who own these soaking tubs tend to have less stress in life and smile more often.

7. Euro Bathroom Cabinetry

Having custom cabinets in your home is an essential thing. However, it is advisable to own European style cabinetry. These high-end cabinets may cost you a lot of cash, but they are worth every cent. Additionally, once you manage to install them in your bathroom, they can complement any bathroom design. With such cabinets, you get enough space to put all your towels and things you use while in the bathroom. As a result, your bathroom looks well-organized and neat.


When you are looking for bathroom features, it is your responsibility to ensure that you get the best for your bathroom. You would rather wait and save more money so that you get the best there is in the market. As mentioned earlier, the bathroom is a vital part of any home. Therefore, you need to go out of your way to make sure that it stands out. Read through some of the essential elements mentioned in this article required to have a perfect bathroom.

Furthermore, research something before you decide to invest in it. The process of achieving your dream bathroom does not come in a day, do things slowly with a plan. Finally, you will manage to acquire your dream bathroom.

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