How to Teach Your Kids Table Manners

How to Teach Your Kids Table Manners from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

I don’t know about y’all, but I had a hard time teaching my kids proper table manners. Every night was a different fight at the dinner table. Eventually, I got fed up and decided I needed to devise a plan to get my kids to listen. So, read my guide on how to teach your kids table manners. Hopefully, it works as well for you as it did for me.

Lay Out the Basics

The first thing I did when I was teaching my kids table manners was telling them the basics. Kids need to know what the rules are, so they know not to break them. One evening before I served dinner, I sat my children down and told them what appropriate table behavior looked like. I reminded my children to always chew with their mouths closed and to keep their opinions to themselves if they don’t like the food I make. I also stated that they should wait until everyone’s at the table to start eating.

Make it a Game

My kids love to play every game under the sun. So, I figured I would incorporate games into teaching them proper table etiquette. A crowd favorite was Simon Says. Every time I noticed my kids were slacking on appropriate table behavior, I would say, “Simon Says: place your napkin on your lap.” Simon Says worked like a charm. Not only did the game reinforce proper table manners, my kids actually enjoyed learning as well.

Invent a Rewards System

Y’all, this one worked like a charm. I told my kids that, at the end of the meal, I would decide who displayed the best table manners that evening. The winner got to choose dessert. There were definitely some arguments after I picked a winner, but my kids have never behaved better at the dinner table. Since they were so concerned with winning, all my children executed perfect table etiquette that evening. This guide answers the question of how to teach your kids table manners. If you follow these steps, your kids will be angels the next time you sit down for a meal. Another tip is to use durable dinnerware when going through the process. I had a few incidents where my son got feisty and threw some of the more delicate dinnerware items I had in my kitchen. Be sure that your children know the same rules apply at restaurants. You should be able to go out as a family and enjoy a fantastic meal.

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