4 Tips For Cutting Back On Family Expenses

4 Tips For Cutting Back On Family Expenses from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When it comes to running a family, it’s no secret that kids are expensive.  From paying for the latest toys on the market to make their birthdays and Christmases special, to buying their overpriced yearbooks, it can start to quickly add up over the years.

When you have multiple children it can start to make your wallet a little tight.  Therefore, knowing how to curb expenses where you can is beneficial.  Knowing where to pull pack and how to intelligently watch your spending is the best way to keep your finances in check. 

Here are some of the simplest and most effective ways to spend less and keep more in your pocket overall.

Watch Your Energy Consumption

It’s important to watch your family’s consumption habits.  That means not leaving lights or appliances on when you don’t need them, not wasting food or other items which could be saved for later, and watching your thermostat to make sure that you’re not blasting heat when you don’t need it.

By encouraging everyone in your family to be an active participant in making sure that the bills stay down, you’ll not only save more money, but you’ll be teaching your kids healthy habits for the future which will be useful for adulthood.

Buy Used

Rather than purchasing everything new at a high price, consider buying as much as you can used.  This goes for anything from strollers to clothing to the family car.

Sometimes you can find something which has hardly been used but the price is a fraction of what it would cost new simply because it was used once or twice.

For even more savings, consider giving your younger children the clothing of your older ones.  Hand me downs are a great value since you know something you purchased once can have multiple lifetimes in your family.


Gas can quickly add up throughout the month when there are multiple members of your family who are going from place to place.  Whether it’s going to school, soccer practice, or you going to work, the cost of gas can add up to hundreds a week easily.

Organizing a carpool with other coworkers or your children’s schoolmates will cut a huge chunk out of how much you spend on gas. You’ll also be contributing to a cleaner Earth, which is never a bad thing!

Budget Carefully

Carefully organizing your budget and deciding how much you should spend on each individual category is important.  Without order and setting boundaries it can be easy to spend money frivolously.

Instead, see your money as a tool and use it wisely for things you and your family really need it for.


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