Taming the Energy Bills: 7 Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Taming the Energy Bills 7 Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Living more efficiently includes taking advantage of technology advancements while learning more about what we can do at home to save on energy. More people are making efforts to live green by reducing energy demand through using different methods. Some may require an upfront investment, but they provide a long-term benefit in savings when comparing monthly energy costs. Here are seven ways to help your home save energy to keep your energy bills manageable and be more Energy efficient.

1. Use LED lighting

LED lights are made with special technology that includes providing better quality lighting while using less energy. Some electric companies may provide LED lights to their customers. You can also find these lights locally at a retail store or by ordering online. Consider using LED lights in areas of the home you use the most lighting on a regular basis.

2. Limit hot water usage

Limiting hot water may require an effort from everyone in the household. Think about what activities use hot water such as bathing or showering or the washing machine. You can cut back by reducing the length of time you stay in the shower and wash your clothes using a cooler setting.

3. Use installation on doors and windows

Whether you plan to renovate areas of your home or you want to upgrade certain elements, one thing to consider is installation. Some homeowners overlook installation and may not realize it is time to reinstall.

4. Use energy-efficient appliances

Appliances such as the oven and refrigerate consume a lot of energy since they are used regularly. You can purchase energy-efficient appliances and possibly get money or a discount for your old appliances.

5. Minimize use of heat

Simply lowering the temperature on your thermostat will help your furnace use less energy. If you have an installation in place you will notice a difference, especially with your heating bill. Layer up when it gets really cold.

6. Minimize water use when possible

Reducing the amount of water used is important during the summer months. If you have a sprinkler system, use a timer. Also, turn off running water when washing dishes or brushing your teeth.

7. Install a natural light alternative to save on lighting

Some homes being renovated or having an addition added may consider including a skylight or similar type of addition to saving energy. Experienced experts such as those at Erie Construction may provide insight on what is best for your home based on your budget.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to help your home save energy. There are small and large options to provide a variety of energy-saving elements to your living space. Fortunately, there are a few things on the list you can do right away to start saving. Others you can plan to do in the future while setting a budget. You can also contact your energy supplier or visit their website for additional energy-saving tips to exercise when seasons change. 

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