4 Things You Should Know About Quilting Before You Start

4 Things you should know about quilting before you start from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Learning how to quilt is not a simple task but with determination and practice, you can turn from a beginner to a pro quilter within no time. The terms and techniques used in quilting can be a bit difficult especially for beginners but it is possible to learn quilting after several tasks. With the right tools and research, there’s a lot you can learn about quilting. Below are four things you should know before you start.

Know the Right Fabrics

Quilting uses many types of fabrics, although there are some fabrics that are simple to start with compared to others. Most beginners normally start with simple fabrics like cotton. More advanced quilters use decorative and polyester fabrics when assembling quilts since they are more familiar with the techniques.

Having picked the fabric, learn the guidelines on how to care for the fabrics so that you make your experience more memorable and smooth. Use 100% cotton thread when starting out and as you master the craft you can go for polyester or mixed threads. Choose an array of fabrics with universal colors when picking fabrics such as white or beige, to begin with.

Get the right machine

There are different types of quilting machines sold at different prices. Some craft handmade quilts with a standard design and are much easier to work with. Most handmade quilting machines have a long arm which allows you to sew comfortably while holding the quilt in place.

Others like the treadle machine are more traditional and would take you longer to complete a quilt. However, depending on how fast you want to learn and how ready you are to complete the quilting project pick a machine that will serve you well. If you get a walking foot, this performs better and provides a great seam allowance. Purchase the best models designed for quilting for a better experience.

Start with simple patterns

Get ready to start small and have simple patterns in mind. Most patterns made with large pieces and simple borders are easy to craft and great for pressing practice. Simple patterns also blend well large pieces and require fewer seams making it easy to patch them together. Large pieces are a great way to learn since it’s less likely that you will make mistakes during quilting.

Understand that you will make mistakes

When starting out, you will make mistakes and will need to correct a few errors so as to learn. No quilter ever learned the techniques in a fortnight and you need to keep making mistakes and correcting them before you eventually learn the tricks. Sometimes color combinations might fail you or you might end up with a crooked seam.

However, this should not discourage you. Try and learn about the color combinations, fabric types, and seam to get a better grasp of quilting. As you learn, you will gradually know which quilting methods and skills will work for you as you get better.

Having determined what you need to start, it is important that you join a quilting guild with other people with similar interests so as to expand your knowledge. This will also open chances of enrolling in workshops and training where you can gather some inspiration as well as acquire more skills.  

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