4 Reasons To Start Canning Your Own Food

4 Reasons To Start Canning Your Own Food

Have y’all experienced an early harvest of this season’s fruits and veggies? I know I have, and I am already up to my elbows in strawberries and peppers this month alone! I tried several ways to tame my garden’s production, but nothing worked until I tried canning. Canning has saved me so much time and energy I would have used to knock on my neighbors’ doors to hand-deliver fresh produce. I think y’all will greatly benefit from canning your own food, and here are four reasons to prove it.

Canning Improves Your Health

My health has never been better. Most days, I feel like Hercules, running and lifting things I never really could before. Since canning my tomatoes and other produce, I’ve noticed that my health has improved so much, y’all.

I began canning because I didn’t want to consume the additives and preservatives in produce and other foods that keep them fresh longer. These preservatives aren’t the best thing for us, y’all, and that’s why I’ve swapped out grocery store produce for what’s in my garden.

You Develop a Personal Love for Harvesting

Gardening might not be your cup of tea, and that’s fine. I find that even if you have one plant to raise and can, you still develop some personal love for harvesting. I get excited whenever my tomato plants bloom, so I can prepare my canning supplies.

If y’all give canning a chance, I guarantee you’re going to feel enamored throughout the entire process. That frustrated feeling you felt going into this practice turns into a special ritual personal to you—that’s how I felt at first. But now, I love canning, which has made me even more excited to harvest my produce over the rest of the year.

Canning Foods Saves Money and Trips to the Grocery Store

With all those trips to the grocery store to buy in-season produce and stock up on jams and jellies, you could be learning how to garden, can, and store your harvests at home. Replicating these jams is easy, and so many recipes I’ve come across even encourage you to grow berries.

Making these delicious jams, jellies, and other preserves allows the product to last longer without using any preservatives. The great thing about canning, in my opinion, is that it saves me money on my grocery bills and time I would otherwise spend making repeated trips to the grocery store.

Canning Improves the Environment By Reducing Waste

We’re always looking to reduce waste at my house, and canning may be the season’s saving grace. Initially, I didn’t care for the idea as much because of the number of jars I’d need to wash before and after the canning process, but then I remembered because it’s reusable, we waste nothing.

My four reasons to start canning your own food are only a starting point, y’all. There are also simple rules for storing dried goods—these rules help us understand the reason behind the process of canning foods. Consider how else y’all can be eco-friendly and financially stable as the season progresses. Happy harvesting, y’all!

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