4 Kitchen Designs That Are Timeless

kitchen  designThe kitchen is the one place in your house where the whole family gathers up. This space is so important, but you seldom do anything to give it a new look. It’s time you stop and decide on how to give your old kitchen a brand new look. Use trends that are a classic so once done, it will keep your kitchen space trendy forever. Given below are the four kitchen designs that will never go out of fashion.

  1. Make Your Appliances A   Part Of The Furnishing

Remodeling kitchen can be an expensive venture. In order to ensure that you can keep your kitchen look timeless you can have to change the appliances in your kitchen. Use your appliances as you would use furniture.

Your appliances aren’t just placed in the kitchen they actually enhance the overall look of your kitchen. Remove any piece of old appliance that does nothing except look like a chunk of steel on your countertop. Fix ovens and refrigerators to the wall instead of cluttering the counter tops and cabinets with them. Use modular kitchen appliances that can be smartly fixed on the wall.

  1. Use Multipurpose Designs

You may be able to function in your crammed up kitchen top on a normal weekday, but it will get very difficult when working with more people. In such a case, it is always useful to have multipurpose designs.

You can put an ornately carved wall paneling that opens to form a large dining table. Have storing spaces double as cushioned seating tools. Instead of having cabinets around your kitchen, have wall cabinets. This will help you save space and give you a functional and stylish kitchen.

  1. Create Smart Storage Area

Open kitchen spaces have one problem. They create a complete space crunch. There is no point in having hanging cabinets in place of the wall you have torn down. The one trend you can follow is mixing the size of the cabinets in your remaining walls.

In a row of affordable kitchen cabinets have one long cabinet from the floor to the ceiling. This breaks the monotony and gives you ample space for storage. You can also make a high kitchen island. This will give you space to store things inside it as well. Try to avoid cluttering the visible area of the kitchen.

  1. Layered Lighting

Using layered lighting can give your old kitchen a brand new look. Use long hanging lights on top of the main island where you sit, work and eat. Use ceiling lights all over the kitchen. Use focused light on the counter tops where you stand and work. There is also a trend of using lights inside your cabinets and cupboards now.

If you have been wondering how to remodel your kitchen and ensure that it is trendy, this guide is sure to give you some great ideas. Pick out more ideas from http://www.kitchencabinetkings.com/blog/ that work for you and get started. If you come across terms that you are unable to understand, then you can click on glossary to know the meanings.

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  1. If refinishing kitchen cabinets in a white color makes you think that your kitchen might come off a little sterile or boring, you can ensure that this will not be the case with a lovely contrasting color on the walls. You can easily bring in a signature color through wall paint. Not only will it add a pop of color, but paint is easily changed when you want a different look, more easily changed than cabinetry or back splash.

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