From the ground, up: Why flooring is fabulous


Carpet, wood, lino, tiling, rugs. It’s underneath our feet for 100% of the day. For all you gravity lovers out there at least… The ironic thing is despite being one of the many constants in our daily lives, we rarely give the floor beneath us a second thought once it’s laid.

Here are a few thoughts on how flooring is important in our homes, and how having the right flooring can make a big difference to our everyday lives.

Function over form

Have a little think about the floor underneath your feet right now. If you’re reading this in the office (shame on you), you might have some wood or lino down there right now. The fact they’re both hard surfaces make it way easier to clean than carpet, especially if you’re spilling stuff all over the place.

On the other hand, hard flooring doesn’t quite have the comfortable, caressing warmth of a fur rug or a roll of carpet. If you’re looking for some hard-wearing flooring then look no further, have the answer right here.

So what about the more unusual functions of our flooring? Carpets seem like big sponges of doom – especially if you’ve got messy kids right? Wrong. HowStuffWorks would say otherwise. They recommend stain-resistant carpets, which use a chemical compound infused with the nylon carpeting. This prevents most common household stains from taking root in your rug, but be warned it’s not 100% guaranteed to work every time.

Lookin’ good

Sure floors are for walking on, but that doesn’t mean they should be left to get grubby. It also doesn’t mean we should just accept them as inevitably ugly and move one.

The folks over at Archilovers reckon that a tastefully chosen carpet can improve quality of life. They suggest that as we spend so much time looking at our carpet subconsciously, that deciding on what carpet to have in a room shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Colour psychology is also really important so try not to go overboard on the aggressive reds and yellows. Instead perhaps think about substituting blues and greens, as they’re calmer colors and tend to signify creativity.

If you fancy going all natural, how about some uplifting seagrass carpet? It creates a relaxing tropical feel that can fit with any room and makes  an interesting talking point with your friends.


So the very floor that we walk upon is perhaps sitting there all humble, when in actual fact it has a lot of reasons to be celebrated. The ground beneath in our homes or places of work can improve our lives in so many ways, especially when you think about people living in mud huts hundreds of years ago.

Our carpets, tiles, lino, wood and rugs all contribute to keeping us warm and cozy, clean and sparkly, and even inject us with good vibes. They can even add value to our homes when it comes to selling up time, enticing buyers with the cozy comfort factor, or perhaps some dazzling modern chic style. Whatever the purpose, your floor will always look after you, so make sure you do the same in return.

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