3 Ways to Keep Rats Away this Winter

3 Ways to Keep Rats Away this Winter from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Rats live solely for two reasons: to salvage and mate, and they continue their habits throughout the year as they do not hibernate like most other pests. However, they do feel cold. Therefore, they tend to look for shelter within human dwellings as we keep the area around us warm. Rats also need food for their survival, and they are gluttonous creatures, therefore, they will go to great lengths in order to feed their hunger. Therefore, we are most likely to see them in our homes.

Rats are dangerous creatures as they carry many diseases on their bodies, and they mess with our food. During this holiday season, we have plenty of food to go around our house, and we are all in a jolly mood, so we often tend to forget the problems that are around us. Therefore, in order to keep these pesky rats away from your homes, you can take the following precautions. Additionally, for more information, be sure to also check out this comprehensive Guide To Effective Rodent Control

Steel and Copper Wool

Rats are known for having the ability to bite through anything that comes in between them and their food. In most cases, they will chew their way through to where they need to be. Steel and Copper wool, however, cannot be chewed on by rats. This is because steel and copper wool are made in a way that they will get stuck in the teeth of the rats, which will prevent them from chewing after a certain point.

In order to implement this, you will first need to find potential entrances that the rats could use to invade your home. Once you have made a note of all the potential entrances, you can then stuff them with steel and copper wool, and it will prevent the rats from being able to enter through that hole.

Food Storage

During December, it’s a time to be festive, and we often have visitors at our homes, so we stock our food storage to the brim to feed any mouth that drops by our home. What we overlook, however, is the places where we store our food. Most nights, we forget to take the trash out or leave the remains of dinner on the tables. This, in turn, attracts rats to your home as they are nocturnal creatures and salvage for food during the night. 

To prevent this scenario, you can begin by discarding all edible waste each night. Taking out the trash each night can go a long way when it comes to preventing rats from entering your home. Another way to prevent rats from getting to your food is by storing your ingredients in secure airtight containers. If the rats cannot smell where the food is, they will not be able to identify it’s the location of where it’s stored.

Pesto Rat Repellent Granules by MDX Concepts

Pesto Rat Repellent Granules by MDX Concepts provide you with a passive but effective solution to your rat problems. The rodent-repellent granules are made of natural ingredients such as condensed essential oils. Since they are natural, they are non-toxic. These non-toxic rodent-repellent pellets are both kid-safe and pet-safe, so there is no harm in laying them around your home.

All you need to do in order to keep rats away is sprinkle a few of the rodent-repellent granules in places where you suspect rats are likely to occupy, and it will prevent them from loitering around.

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