3 of the Coolest Rocks You Can Find in Your Backyard

3 of the Coolest Rocks You Can Find in Your Backyard

Whether y’all are novice stone collector or have had your fair share of finds, you know that the excitement never fades when you find a valuable gem. Many people who aren’t familiar with rocks don’t know that they can find special and valuable rocks everywhere. Yes, that even means in your local area. That’s why you’ll want to know some of the coolest rocks that you can find in your backyard.


You might find it surprising, but quartz is quite an abundant mineral, and you can find it in nearly any state in the United States. As you look for quartz, keep in mind that your crystal should have a clear appearance and feel cool to the touch. The highest quality quartz crystals will be the ones with the clearest appearance.

When you find your stone, it might look like an opaque lump, which is why you should consider getting a rotary tumbler. If you’re not sure what you can expect from your rotary tumbler, just know that it will reveal the stunning appearance and details of all your finds.


If y’all live in western states in the United States, you’ll be able to find agate quite easily. There are different colors of agate, including green, yellow, pink, and white. However, you are most likely to find agate that comes in a reddish or brown color. If you want to ensure you have identified agate, consider holding a flashlight up to the stone in question. It should appear partially translucent and have some banding or stripes.


One of the coolest rocks you can find in your backyard is the stunning purple gem we call amethyst. When you’re on the hunt for amethyst, consider heading to your local creek, river, or stream, as they are most likely to appear there. Since this stone is a geode, it’s helpful to keep in mind that your amethyst will appear like a circular, rounded rock in its natural form. Keep an eye out for these stones when you’re on the hunt.

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