10 Home Improvement Tips

10 Home Improvement Tips from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Whether you’re looking at the idea of home improvements because you’re thinking about selling, or you simply want to make your home somewhere more enjoyable to relax in, it might be much easier than you think. The trick is working out which home improvement options are going to work for you, and that’s going to come down to your reasons and your needs. If you’re hoping to simply make your living space more comfortable or practical, then you have some fantastic home improvement tips that will not only improve your life but may even add some extra money to the price of your home.

1. Invest in a new refrigerator

Often simply upgrading your current white goods is enough to transform the kitchen space beyond recognition, and with the benefit of additions such as wonderfully elegant French door refrigerators, your kitchen could soon be looking stunning, all without any drilling or hammering.

2. Paint your whole home

Giving the interior and exterior of your home a fresh look is as easy as opening a tin of paint. The range of colors available is mind-boggling, but deciding on the theme of each room will make it much easier to make final decisions on the best color schemes to adopt. Choose a paint that reinforces the personality of a room, and you’ll end up with a much better effect.

3. Organize your storage space

If you’re constantly squeezing clean clothes into already crammed drawers and cupboards, it’s probably time to look at organizing your storage space. If you need more space in general, then consider adding some free-standing wardrobes like Metro Wardrobes. Make sure that you are using every inch of available space, and if that means adding shelving fixtures inside your existing wardrobes, make sure that you leave room for everything that needs to fit.

4. Take control over your temperature

Controlling the temperature in your home is incredibly important to your comfort. Too hot or too cold, and you start to resent being stuck inside. Shake things up with a programmable smart thermostat that learns your routines and manages the temperature control for you. It may save you money on energy bills as well.

5. Outdoor cooking areas

You can really make the most of your garden through the warmer months if you invest in an outdoor kitchen. It’s easy to complete the look as well, with the addition of some luxury outdoor kitchen cabinets, which will help you to keep your garden entertainment area clear of clutter. Available in a wide range of styles that will match your current garden set-up, having the right storage facility is often more important than the appliance itself, so the range of options is worth looking at.

6. Bathroom transformation

The right floor material in the bathroom is vital, and you’ll need to ascertain if you prefer ceramic or porcelain tiles. These are the two best options, but porcelain tiles are usually the better choice. They are not just waterproof and stylish, they are also very cost-effective.

7. Window changes

Old and drafty windows make being indoors a bit of a chore and can cost you a lot of money in heating as well. Shake things up with new windows and frames, and your bill will be very noticeably lower, and you’ll be increasing the value of your home as well.

Start exploring different Window Companies today and begin transforming your home with these simple yet impactful changes! Whether you’re looking for enhanced aesthetics or improved energy efficiency, there’s no doubt that investing in new windows will enhance your home’s curb appeal.

8. Add decking

The garden is a great area to improve, and if you’re looking to increase the value of your home or you’re just hoping to make the summer months more enjoyable, you can’t go wrong with some elegant decking. Enhance the decking effect with a matching dining area, and you’ll have the ideal space to lounge in the sun when the warmer months are here.

9. Vary your lighting

Having the same basic bulb fixtures in every room is not a good effect, yet too few people really give much thought to their light fittings. Shake things up, and vary the types and sources of light in every room. There is a huge range of lighting types available, with everything from chandeliers for the lobby to strip lights for the kitchen. Experiment with colors, and you’ll make each room as unique as its purpose.

10. Add a bathroom

 Ideally, you want at least one bathroom on every floor of your home that has a bedroom, but if you’re struggling with having too many people wanting the sole bathroom at the same time of day, then it may be worth repurposing an unused room. Remodel an existing space and make your new bathroom as complete as your primary one.

Home improvements can make your living space feel like a new property. If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air when it comes to your home, or you’re considering a sale and are looking at cost-effective improvements that will add value, these ten home improvement tips should be where you start.

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