Yours Truly Featured

I was featured as a guest blogger and Sarah’s blog Moose and Tater.
She was one of my guests last weekend and when asked to write a post for her I returned the favor.
 Check out my post at Moose and Tater on BPA.
 Thank you to Sarah for having me over there.

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  1. About the BPA- I was made familiar with it because of my obsession with water bottles! I hate bottled water, but I always have water with me! BPA free is a must on the list ever since my college roomie's dad did a study on it which stated it had cancer causing agents in it if over used (like mine was). Even though I am replacing my water bottles with BPA free- it is also important to replace it at least once a year- just a note for future sippy cups!

  2. love moose & tater! new follower from snack bar rev. – check me out at Adventurez keli

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