You Heard It Here First…..

this just inIn the long-awaited sequel to You Heard It Hear First written by Erin McBride, This Just In lives up to its name. From the fast paced action to the awesome characters this is a must read for the year. Here is a brief summary of the book. Haley Jo McAdams’ life is a modern-day fairytale! She has the perfect boyfriend in Camden Morrison, a great job, friends, and success.

But no good deed can go unpunished! A new scandal has left Cam’s career and reputation on the line, just as Haley’s takes off. Should she stand by her man or defend her own reputation?

Pirates, death, kidnapping, love, marriage, and babies is Haley’s life a fairytale or a complete nightmare?

When the fairy dust settles, the explosions begin!

Yep it is that fast paced and I have to say I have fallen in love with these characters. I hope that McBride writes a sequel to this book as well. It is not often that you find a love story that is not centered around sex. McBride takes a step away from the modern romance to provide us with characters who are true to who they are. Haley is a multi faceted character who is in her 30’s and has yet to share her bed with man. She had made a promise to save herself for her wedding night and she is determined to do it.  Both Haley and Camden are down to earth characters who know that how happy you are does not revolve how much money you have but what you do with what money you do have. I love the modern take on the Cinderella story and if you are a romantic at heart then  this book must be on your list.


Here is the link to buy it on Amazon.

“This Just In!” is available on Kindle and Nook for just $4. And for a limited time, “You Heard It Here First” is available for $1 (Kindle and Nook) as well. If you don’t have a Kindle or Nook, you can still read e-books courtesy of Smashwords!

If you are questioning about whether or not to buy check on my review on the first book here and then go buy those books. And yes per a email from the author there will be a third book. Yea

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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