What Do Women Expect from the First Date?

What Do Women Expect from the First Date

The first dates are the most memorable. They are stamped on our memory because of the emotional upheaval we experience. Far from all first dates can be tagged as great but all men initially want to and cherish the hope that they will make it great.

  • Romantic place
    The venue where a man takes a woman on a date can say much about him. Women expect to have a romantic evening at a nice restaurant or to go to some unusual but amazing places such as a planetarium or observation deck. For those looking for a dynamic and quick way to meet potential partners, Speed Dating Toronto offers a fun and efficient option to explore connections in a bustling city like Toronto.
  • Clear outline
    Women would like to know in advance where the date will take place, how long it will last, and what you’re going do. This is not to say that they don’t like surprises. The truth behind it is simple: they need that information in order to dress accordingly.
  • Proper greeting
    A good start is a half of success. Women expect to be greeted appropriately. Their measure for the appropriateness is the time spent corresponding with a man before the date (online). Depending on their pre-date relationship it could be a handshake, hug, or kiss on the cheek.
  • Man’s looks
    The fact that a man looks exactly the same as on his photos posted on the site where a woman met him is already the great news. Women also want men to dress smart or at least appropriate to the date. Another important aspect of man’s image is his perfume – it should be a light pleasant scent. Those who wish to go the extra mile for their date may even use pheromones perfume in order to make a good impression on his date by triggering certain emotional responses with the chemicals on his body. This can help a woman feel more at ease which, especially on a first date, can be a really useful thing to help the evening be a successful one. 
  • Compliments
    It goes without saying that compliments are an integral part of a date. A woman spends a couple of hours preparing for a date, so she wants to hear some nice flattering words as to how she looks. A sincere compliment will definitely boost her confidence and set her in the right mood for the whole evening.
  • Pleasant conversation
    Women expect that a man will have a lot of topics to discuss and their conversation with flow smoothly and in an easy-going manner. By the way, good communication skills are one of the features that women find the most attractive in men.
  • Eye contact
    Maintaining an eye contact is a must on a date. A woman expects to have a good eye contact, enough for her to say that a man is interested in her, not in a waitress or some other woman at the next table. At the same time he should not stare without cease making her feel uncomfortable, or even worse: looking at her collarbone for the whole evening.
  • Light physical contact
    Holding her hand or touching her accidentally, a man demonstrates his romantic intentions. Women spot those subtle signs and it gives them a certain level of confidence in their attractiveness.
  • Appropriate ending
    Women want a smooth ending of the date. They want men to realize what is appropriate for them as a goodbye: a kiss on the cheek or lips or just a hug. A man should also promise to call and live up to his promise.

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