How to Fix Common Clothing Problems

How to Fix Common Clothing Problems from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

From shrinking in the wash to pesky stains, our clothes are bound to experience some wear and tear through the years. However, that doesn’t mean you should consider them a lost cause and give up on your favorite pieces every time an issue arises. Many common clothing problems have simple solutions. Before getting rid of your clothing, consider these tips on how to fix common clothing problems.

Shrunken jeans

Whether you’ve grown out of your jeans or they shrank in the wash, nearly everyone has had to deal with jeans that fit a little too snugly. Fortunately, there are several ways to stretch your jeans back out when they get too tight. One of the most common ways to stretch out your jeans is by spraying them with some lukewarm water and then stretching out the areas that need a little more room by hand. If your jeans are proving difficult to stretch, consider adding a small amount of fabric softener to your washing machine first.

Pilled sweaters

Pills—small clothing fibers that come loose and tangle to form tiny balls—are often caused by rubbing that occurs while the clothing is being worn or washed. Our most-loved sweaters are the most susceptible to this fate. To free your sweaters of these pesky pills, simply lay them on a flat surface and use a razor or fabric shaver to gently shave them off. To avoid accidentally cutting a hole in your sweater, pull the fabric taut as you do so.

Pink clothing

It’s the oldest mistake in the book: accidentally washing a red article of clothing with your load of whites. If pink isn’t exactly your color, you can return your white clothing to its original state by acting quickly and using some nonchlorine bleach or white distilled vinegar. While the garments are still wet, put them back into the wash—without the red culprit this time—and add a cup of the nonchlorine bleach or white distilled vinegar. If the pink color remains, try washing the clothing again with the bleach or vinegar. Doing so should return your stained clothing to their original white color.

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