Misunderstanding?? Peace Needed??


This is such a great quote for me to find yesterday. Yesterday I wrote a post about reasons we could not enjoy our backyard because of issues. And instead of it taking it as my feelings which I think everyone has a right to I was basically told that I was attacking my neighbor. Which wasn’t the intention at all? It was to say that we could not enjoy our yard because of rain, privacy issues (duh we do have teenage girls who are if I do say so myself beautiful), more work planned for the backyard and barking dogs. I stated that our neighbors who are pretty cool had a dog that barked constantly. We step outside and he is outside barks until he gets tired. I have tried to tell the neighbor that it was not them it was the dog.

In fact as neighbors they are pretty okay. Of course they will never take the place of our first neighbors who we adored.  We still remain friends with them even after they both moved on with their lives. We manage to see each other every once in a while but as often as I would like. The husband still owns the house with his new wife and I hope one day they get stationed back here. Because the new wife and I became friends as well. I love all three (or should I say 4 even though I have not met the new member of the husband and his wife’s family) of them so much that I could not imagine our lives without them. For while there was tension but everything is good now.  But we confronted issues head on and we are better friends for it.

So on to the issue at hand, our neighbors now could never take the place of our neighbors but they are running a close second. The neighbors between the first ones and these were an absolute nightmare. But these are pretty cool. I had never met anyone from the part of the country she is from. And her kids are just the cutest things ever. She took offensive to my post not realizing that it was not about her because she is a pretty cool person in her own right, but more about us not being able to enjoy the yard because of all those issues working against us. As matter fact about the time I finished posting about that issue it started to pour down rain. It just came out of nowhere.  Crazy Southern Weather LOL

So I wanted to say even though it was not intended as a personal attack it was taken like that. I spent over an hour messaging the person feeling attacked until I felt like I was hitting my head against a brick wall. So I thought why not take to my blog and explain the situation and say that feelings are feelings and everyone is entitled to how they feel. Instead of being negative and continuing this issue further I would like to say that if I hurt someone’s feelings because of how I felt I apologize. But I will not apologize for writing my feelings down because that is how I cope with what is going on in my life. If you remember things have not been as smooth as I make them seem remember What Has Been Happening Lately? I refuse to be made to feel like my feelings do not matter but I will acknowledge that others feelings matter as well. So if people felt attack I am sorry but that is how I felt and holding in your feelings is not good for anyone.

This is the last post on this issue.


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  1. Ah I hate it when that happens…you had no intention of offending yet somehow it happens. You trying to make it right shows you have a good heart and that’s what counts. I’m sure all will be well with your neighbor in the end. I think it is important to express your feelings as long as you are doing it respectfully without attacking anyone (which you so elegantly have done). And thanks for your great quote at the top of your blog–loved it! 🙂

  2. :(…I feel like I jumped into conversation midway…but I also committed to post on those above mine in the UBC so here I am.
    Without going back to read what you posted {though I will get there 🙂 }, I will encourage you!
    We live in a social media world. Blogging is a place where we feel free to express whatever thoughts or feelings we, as individuals< are comfortable doing. It is important to consider others' feelings as well, and your words here express just that.
    A moments venting is no reason for others to maintain a negative relationship "IRL" :).
    Hoping these words allow for a calming effect and for everyone involved to have an adult attitude about it.
    Sorry you are suffering through bad weather :(. We in NE PA have had blistering hot, very wet, and totally out of the ordinary for our area weather. Not fun…but we do enjoy our AC :).

  3. In reading your last post it doesn’t sound like you were trying to attack your neighbors 🙁 Hope everything smooths out in time!

  4. It didn’t still under attack so I am done. There are some people in this world you just cannot please

  5. Ugh, our weather has been crazy here in NJ and we too haven’t had much time to enjoy our yard yet this summer. Don’t worry about what people think. What THEY think doesn’t and shouldn’t matter.

  6. Neighbors can be a blessing and a curse. We have really old people on our left who mind their own business and people on our right who…don’t. I have to echo Diane – don’t worry too much about what others think.

  7. I think most of us have been there. Sometimes we say something or something is said to us that can be received differently then we meant. It is hard when you live so close to neighbors. I am sure we make ours made at times haha, but I guess that is the joys of life for sure.

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