Raising A Child With Diabetes To Be Happy And Confident

Raising A Child With Diabetes To Be Happy And Confident from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Around 210,000 people aged under 20 in the U.S. have diagnosed diabetes – as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Around 18,436 of them have Type 1 diabetes, and around 5,089 have Type 2 diabetes. Life for a child battling a chronic disease is more challenging, often because they have to undergo daily experiences that other children usually don’t have to – including daily blood testing to test blood sugar levels, administration of insulin, and the like. If your child has just been diagnosed with diabetes, you may be worried about the effect it may have on their happiness and confidence. Follow these tips so that they continue to feel happy and confident about taking part in activities and social gatherings alongside their friends.

Encourage Proactivity In Diabetes Management And Treatment

It is important to let your children know what a big role proactive diabetes management can play in enabling them to enjoy life more. One study by W Sami et al. published in the International Journal of Health Sciences, found that people with Type 2 diabetes can benefit greatly from continuous reinforcement of the importance that diet, exercise, and other key lifestyle choices have. Children who keep their condition in check can avoid complications such as diabetic foot, and that means being able to enjoy sports, parties, and other positive features of childhood.

Get Them Excited About The Future

There are many innovative treatments that show potential for diabetes – including stem cell therapy for diabetes mellitus. Stem cell therapy is a relatively new treatment that is already changing how cerebral palsy is treated. Cerebral palsy is caused by a central nervous event (e.g. trauma, stroke, ischemia). Stem cell therapy repairs brain damage, thus making it a potentially useful treatment for cerebral palsy. Stem cells are also able to reverse some of the complications caused by diabetes. They can even be a good alternative to major surgery to restore circulation and to attenuate the effects of reduced blood flow. Letting older kids know of developments such as these can keep them motivated and excited about how much easier the future can be as medical science continues to advance.

Help Them Manage Stress And Difficult Emotions

A child who may have to miss school some days, visit health professionals frequently, or see the school nurse more often than others can feel stressed and angry. They can also enter a stage of denial, becoming neglectful with aspects such as medication. Parents can help children manage negative emotions through holistic practices such as mindfulness meditation, yoga for kids, and experiences in nature – all of which are known stress-busters.

Children with diabetes can lack confidence in being able to take part in activities that other children do. However, staying active and building social networks are actually key in managing their condition. To help your child feel more in charge of their illness, share the importance of making the right lifestyle choices, and taking a proactive approach to diabetes. Keep them informed about new developments so they know that things won’t necessarily always be as challenging as they may be right now.

People with type 1 diabetes can live a normal life, as many professional athletes, politicians, actors, and other high-profile individuals have shown.  In addition, due to advancements in diabetes-related technology, children with type 1 diabetes can even qualify for life insurance.  This was not possible until recent years.  Diabetes Life Solutions, an online insurance provider, has partnered with select companies that will consider your child with diabetes coverage.  Not only are rates affordable, but no medical testing is needed to be approved.  Please don’t think you can obtain life insurance with type 1 diabetes, as that is simply a myth.

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