Ways To Make Your Home More Hygienic in a Pandemic

Ways To Make Your Home More Hygienic in a Pandemic from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The cleanliness of your home has always been on your mind, but especially in a pandemic, you may find yourself wondering what else you could be doing to stay safe. It’s been hard to determine whether the coronavirus is transferred solely through the air or if the surfaces in your home and other places are carrying the same harmful microbes. Finding ways to make your home more hygienic in a pandemic will give you peace of mind as you navigate your way through this uncertain time.

Disinfecting Surfaces

The routine disinfection of surfaces probably isn’t a new concept to you, but your view of its importance has probably been elevated in the past year. Do the best you can to be cognizant of the areas in your home that get the most use. Sanitize your doorknobs, drawer handles, chair backs, and other apparent places regularly. Take some additional time to consider areas of your home you may forget when the time for disinfecting comes around. Keeping the surfaces of your home clean not only increases protection against COVID-19 but also prevents the spread of other bacteria and viruses.

Carpet Removal

A surface people often overlooked is the flooring. Consider the number of microorganisms that lie on your flooring surface as you and your family traipse through your home day after day. Wearing outside shoes inside or even coming from your own bathroom could be tracking germs throughout your home. Splashes while you’re cooking in the kitchen and child and pet messes leave the floor less than sanitary in a short amount of time.

These happenings are inevitable, but having solid flooring rather than carpet may help you maintain a cleaner home. Carpet is comfortable, but it’s absorbent and porous, leaving it open to the retainment of bacteria, allergens, debris, and much more. If you’re catching up on your home improvement projects anyway, it’s worth looking into flooring options that allow for more effective and invasive cleaning procedures.

Air Purifying

There’s no point in focusing solely on physical surfaces when taking strides to secure the health of your family within your home. Air quality is also essential to keeping you healthy. Keeping up with changing the filters in your air system will benefit you and your family. Air purifying removes dust, allergens, pet dander, chemical gases from cleaning products, and more from the air.

Being conscience of and staying vigilant on ways to make your home more hygienic in a pandemic will give you the best chance of staying healthy. Additionally, it will help you take the appropriate measures to recover the safe state of your household after any illness. All we can do is take preventative steps toward safety within the home. Illness in some capacity is inevitable, but maintaining a living space with a reliable cleaning regimen will be useful in the prevention of and response to infection, sickness, and ailments.

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