What Does a Baby Look like at 11 Weeks on an Ultrasound

What Does a Baby Look like at 11 Weeks on an Ultrasound from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

An ultrasound conducted during the 11th week of pregnancy is absolutely safe and the matter of fact is that you will get detailed information about the baby and the pregnancy in general at this stage as compared to the limited information previous ultrasounds could show. The following are some of the things that this ultrasound can offer you.

Baby’s heartbeat

The ultrasound will help in identifying the baby’s heartbeat and this will definitely be the assurance that you need that your baby is doing fine and is alive and kicking. Even though it could be faint to hear, you will definitely see it pumping or beating during the ultrasound.

Baby’s size

An ultrasound that is carried out during the 11th week will also make it possible for the expert to measure the size of the baby from different angles thus confirming that he or she is developing well relating to the stage of the pregnancy. This is actually what helps the doctors to determine the due date.

Due date determination

An ultrasound tends to be more accurate in determining the due date as compared to calculations that are done from the first day of the last menstrual period that you had. By looking at all the developments and size of the baby during this week, they will clearly tell the real gestational age of the baby hence an accurate due date will be reached. It is the most reliable way of finding out when you are due.

Number of babies

11 weeks pregnancy ultrasound will also help in identifying how many fetuses you have thus getting you prepared for what is coming during birth and after. Your doctor will let you know whether you are expecting one baby, twins or more this putting you in a much better position to prepare for the babies in terms of getting everything ready for their coming.

Placenta Location

An ultrasound is very important in identifying situations which could be dangerous for the pregnancy. By locating the placenta during the scan, your doctor will be in a position to tell how safe the pregnancy is. Situations such as a placenta that ends up covering your cervix can be identified through the ultrasound.

Amniotic Fluid Assessment

An ultrasound will clearly show the amount of amniotic fluid available for the baby and whether it is good enough. It can be dangerous to have too much or too little of the fluid.

Physical Abnormalities

The other important thing that an ultrasound done during this stage of pregnancy will help in identifying is abnormalities of the baby thus your doctors will come up with a solution that can help the situation immediately after birth if possible. This is one of the most important reasons as to why pregnant women are advised to have the ultrasounds done at least twice during pregnancy once in early pregnancy and another later in the pregnancy.

During this week, however, it might be a little too early to determine the sex of your baby and you have to wait a little longer.

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