Using Summer to Refresh and Revitalize


Summer is almost upon us: a time of good weather, good times, and optimism. The extra daylight, free time, and overall positive atmosphere make the summer a great time to take on new tasks and initiate changes in your life. That’s not to say summer doesn’t have its own challenges, for example, we tend to be lazier in the summer, but that doesn’t excuse wasting an opportunity to take intentional steps toward refreshing your life. Having a little discipline is much easier when the days are long than it is in the cold shivers of winter. Here are a few ideas for activities geared toward resetting and rejuvenating.

 Fix Up the House

Sprucing up your home environment can keep your life from feeling stale. After spring cleaning is done with, summer presents a suitable time period to start (and hopefully finish) home improvement projects. Whether it is as simple as painting so subtle accents into a room or as ambitious as renovating an entire section of the house, such projects will give you a satisfying goal culminating in a living space improvement you interact with daily. Many home improvement projects also increase the value houses, as an added benefit.

This can also be a smart time to do basic maintenance. Either fixing small problems with the electricity or plumbing or simply having a basic home inspection to make certain nothing is amiss. Small problems can pile up into mountains over time if left neglected, so it is best to consistently tackle them at least once a year.

Change Up Your Style

Summer is the time to be out and about, so it makes sense to also make it the time to experiment and try new things. We tend to get comfortable with particular brands or looks, but just as we ourselves change with each passing year our ideal styles often change with us. Perhaps pick up some adventurous clothing or try out a new brand of make-up.

Don’t be afraid to try the new and unusual. Even if you don’t end up liking anything new, it’s not a mistake if you learned more about yourself from it. And staying forever in the same sphere of fashion could prevent you from discovering looks you love.


Not only are vacations fun, they’ve been shown to have an exceptionally positive effect on mental health. Some people, particularly the overworked kind, feel guilty doing something like taking a vacation, but having a lengthy dedicated time for leisure relieves stress and strengthens relational bonds with whoever else joins in the trip. Getting out of the day to day grind can add much-needed perspective, and often results in increased productivity down the road. Weary workers work less. Even if you aren’t in a financial position to rent a guest house or apartment, a “stay-cation” can still work wonders. Anything that gets your mind off of your day to day. Taking time off isn’t quite as exciting as visiting a new environment, but the biggest boon vacations grant, dedicated leisure time, can happen anywhere.

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