Tricks To Make Your Washer and Dryer Last Longer

Tricks To Make Your Washer and Dryer Last Longer

Laundry is one of those things that everybody has to do, but few people enjoy. Thankfully, when y’all have a good pair of machines, they can do most of the heavy lifting for you. Discover my tricks for making your washer and dryer last longer.

Let Your Washer Dry Out

When you’re done with laundry for the day, keep the lid of your washing machine opens—it doesn’t matter if it’s top or front-loading. This allows the moisture inside to escape, helping to prevent mold from growing in your machine. If y’all have small kiddos and a front-loading washer, keep the laundry room door shut while the washer door is open.

Don’t Overuse Detergents and Dryer Sheets

Neither of your machines will last longer if you overuse laundry detergents and dryer sheets. Too much detergent forces your washer to work harder and will probably use additional wash cycles that y’all don’t need. Dryer sheets, on the other hand, make your clothes soft and help them smell better, but they can also leave a waxy residue on the inside of your dryer—don’t go overboard.

Don’t Overfill Your Machines

Want to know another trick for making your washer and dryer last longer? Don’t overfill. With a washing machine, overfilling means, there’s probably not enough water in the machine to properly clean everything. Additionally, y’all can make your dryers more efficient by limiting the amount of laundry you put inside and separating out things that take longer to dry.

Clean the Lint Trap

Confession time: I’m as guilty of forgetting to clean the lint trap in my dryer as y’all are, so let’s commit to doing better! A dirty lint trap makes it harder for a dryer to work and can actually cause the whole machine to overheat. We don’t want that!

Treat Your Machines Right

I don’t think anyone relishes replacing their washer and dryer; it’s expensive, and it means you’re stuck finding a way to get rid of your old machines. It’s best to help your washer and dryer last as long as possible by taking good care of them right from the start.

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