Touching Time At The North Carolina Aquarium

Yesterday I posted about Our Visit To the North Carolina Aquarium this is a continuation of the series. The second part of aquarium holds the touch tank. This by far is probably one of the best things about the aquarium. My girls got to touch sea animals they have never been able to touch before. The touch tank is staffed by Aquarium Volunteers who give their time and expertise to make sure the animals are not harmed and that the visitors can learn about the animals as well.

Have I mentioned that Gracie loves turtles? So of course she had to get her picture taken with it.

Here they are at the touch tank.The aquarium volunteer is showing them a sea urchin.

Gracie touching Patrick from Spongebob.
She loved the feel of the starfish.

Another one of the awesome things about this aquarium is there are inactive exhibits that allow the children to have fun. Here Gracie is crawling inside to get her picture taken.

I love her and Beary as Crabs.
This is one of my favorite sea creatures. I think the sea horse is so graceful. I love how they use their tails to wrap around things to stay in one place.

A view from the second story of the 2 story tank.
Tomorrow join me and as I take you to the bottom floor of the aquarium.
Your “Jaws” will be dropping.

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