Top Life Lessons We Can Learn from Pusheen The Cat

Top Life Lessons We Can Learn from Pusheen The Cat from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Everybody loves Pusheen the cat. The tubby tabby is one of the most famous cats on the internet (both real and imagined) and she has really captured our hearts. Pusheen is so popular and relatable because she is just like us! She is cute and naughty, and she always says exactly what’s on her mind. If I could choose a cartoon spirit animal then it would definitely be Pusheen.

Not only is she adorable, she is also incredibly wise. Here are some important life lessons that everyone can learn from Pusheen:

It’s OK to Have a Lazy Day

It’s important to have goals and to work hard to achieve those goals. Study hard, stick to the plan, climb the career ladder. Choose life. But if there’s one thing that Pusheen teaches us it’s that there’s nothing wrong with taking a day off to laze around in your pajamas every now and then, eating snacks surrounded by Pusheen cat soft toys.

Of all the famous cartoon cats, Pusheen is definitely the laziest, and that’s OK. Because everyone needs to take downtime to focus on self-care and avoid total burn out. Being happy is just as important as being successful, and sometimes happiness involves spending the afternoon napping on the sofa.  If Pusheen can enjoy a well-earnt day off then why can’t you?

Enjoy a High Fat Snack or Two

When Pusheen isn’t sleeping, she’s eating. Nothing makes this chubby kitty happier than snacking on cheeseburgers, cakes and ice cream cones. Whilst we’re not advocating a high cholesterol vegetable-free diet for life, there is something refreshing about an attitude that embraces eating what makes you happy every now and then without constantly worrying about your weight or societal expectations to look a certain way.

If Pusheen is the cutest cat in the world with a little extra padding on her bones, then surely relaxing the diet every now and then to enjoy something delicious that makes you happy is no bad thing! Put the carrot sticks down and scoff the burger; you know you want to!

Wear What Makes You Happy

Pusheen loves to play dress up. Whether she’s rocking her unicorn costume, donning a superhero cape or climbing into a pair of bright red heels, Pusheen wears whatever makes her happy without ever stopping to think about whatever others might be saying. If Pusheen wants to wear a long blonde wig or wrap herself in a blanket so she looks like a burrito then she is going to do it. And she pulls it off because she does it with confidence.

This is one of the most important life lessons we can learn from Pusheen: whether it’s wearing the clothes we love or aiming for the goals we really want, having the confidence to do what makes you happy is the most important thing you can do. Because life is far too short to do anything that makes you feel miserable!

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