Tips for Keeping Your Home Office Clean

Tips for Keeping Your Home Office Clean from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

I don’t know about you, but I certainly can’t operate with a cluttered and dirty home office. I’ve learned over the years that a clean and organized office is the key to success, and y’all should incorporate these tips for keeping your home office clean.

When it comes to your desk, less is more

I’ve recently adopted this into my own office. Your desk shouldn’t have mountains of papers, and it also shouldn’t have anything that doesn’t get daily use. For example, your desk shouldn’t have a stapler, hole puncher, and other “office essentials” that y’all might use once a year. 

Manage your cables

Our computer is how most of us work, and while we know that it makes our lives easier, it’s also come with a mess of cords. There are several reasons I can’t stand messy cords, and one of those is that I get my feet tangled up under my desk. Don’t lie, y’all know it’s happened to you too. Once I came across these tips to avoid messy cables, I wasn’t snagging the cords and accidentally unplugging my computer anymore.

Toss anything that’s not useful or doesn’t work

I know, sometimes it’s hard to part with things, but if it’s not working or it’s no longer useful, get rid of it! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve reached for pens that don’t work, and instead of throwing them out, I put it back in my pen holder. We shouldn’t keep papers or office supplies “just in case” we need them. Since almost everything has become digitized now, I’d recommend scanning as many papers as you can and storing them digitally. I often avoid printing or using paper copies as much as I can to stay clutter-free and eco-friendly. 

Have scheduled cleaning times

One of the best tips for keeping your home office clean I can give you is to have a schedule that includes cleaning. I know it seems simple, but not enough people do this. Depending on how clean you are throughout the week, it may be super easy. So, for example, some people prefer to do it on Friday at the end of the workweek, while others do it monthly—some even do it daily. 

The bottom line is, if you maintain a clean and organized workspace, your productivity will increase and you’ll feel happier in your office. I encourage having a cleaning schedule and always looking for ways to reduce your clutter and paper use.

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