The Only Roof Cleaning Guide You’ll Ever Need

The Only Roof Cleaning Guide You’ll Ever Need from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

A dirty roof is unattractive and prone to damage. Different types of dirt pile on roofs, including moss, algae, lichen, debris, and fallen leaves. When a roof is covered by dirt, it retains moisture that starts to penetrate the interior parts of a house. This dampens the interior parts of the house and ultimately causes leakage. Keep reading for roof cleaning guide tips.

Many people don’t realize how bad the situation is until much damage has been done. This is because often, the roof is not within their sight. One of the main reasons you should not ignore the dirt on your roof is that it reduces the value of your house. It also causes damage to the roof, making it less durable. Such damage can result in searching for the top roofing companies in jacksonville fl, or the best roofing companies in your area, for emergency repairs or replacements. 

To avoid such costs, it is important that you keep the damage from happening in the first place. To do this, consciously decide to have your roof inspected and cleaned regularly. This will help identify and solve any problems before the damage is done. If you are looking to have your roof cleaned, here’s what the process involves: 

1. Causes of dirt on the roof

The first step is to establish the kind of dirt that is on your roof. Generally, the roof is the most vulnerable part of your house because it is exposed to all environmental elements. The wind carries a lot of dirt and spores that settle on your roof. If trees surround your house, leaves drop on your roof.  

The moisture trapped under this dirt creates a conducive environment for bacteria to grow on your roof. The shade from the trees also prevents moisture from evaporating off the roof. Weather also plays a huge role in damaging your roof. When it rains heavily, your roof becomes moist, creating an ideal environment for moss to grow. 

2. Roof cleaning methods

If you need your roof cleaned, it pays not to do it yourself. Rather, talk to a good Brisbane Roof Cleaning company to help with the procedure. The moisture, moss, and fungi that grow on the roof can make it extremely slippery and lead to serious injuries. Cleaning companies often use several roof cleaning methods. The first one is scraping and brushing. 

This method involves the use of paint scrapers,  brooms, and brushes. The pain scraper is used to remove the moss, brooms are used to remove loose dirt like leaves, and brushes are used to scrub the roof surface and push the water down to the gutters. Another method of cleaning roofs is through the use of pressure washers. These powerful electrical machines are connected to a hosepipe and used to spray water on the roof. The pressure in the water pushes roof dirt out. To wash all the dirt down, it is advisable to spray the water downward. Pointing the water upwards causes it to get under the tiles. 

 major disadvantage of this method is that it creates a huge mess as dirty water is blown all over the place. This means that walls have to be cleaned afterward to remove dirty splashes. If you encounter issues with your pressure washer, ensure it’s properly maintained by seeking professional pressure washer repair San Antonio services.

Due to its high pressure, the pressure washer can wear off tile surfaces, increasing the chances of roof flooding. Roofs can also be cleaned using chemicals, but most rooftop materials don’t do well with pressure washers. 

Their surfaces get damaged, leaving dents on the roof, and in extreme cases, the roof has to be replaced. This is where chemical cleaning comes in.  Although they can be corrosive, the damage they cause is minimal. Roof cleaning chemicals are available for both DIY and commercial use. Baking soda and bleach are home remedies you can use to clean your roof.

3. Killing roof moss 

Washing the roof with water eliminates moss, but it does not kill it. After some time, it grows again, and this can become a cycle. The problem is that it can be costly in the long run.  Apart from paying for cleaning services, you must replace the roof whenever it wears out. There is a more permanent and affordable solution to this. It involves using biodegradable detergents and biocides to kill roof moss so it does not grow again. 

Like chemicals, these products are available for both DIY and commercial use and are safe because they are eco-friendly. They also do not corrode the roof – which increases the longevity of your roof. Additionally, biocides produce instant results. The unit price of these products is slightly higher compared to other chemicals in the market. 

It is important to know that moss reproduces using spores and is dispersed by the wind. If your roof is infested, spores are lying around the surrounding area too. After treating your roof, it is advisable that you also clean your compound to ensure the spores will not be blown back to the roof again. Also, cut any trees covering your house to ensure leaves don’t drop on your roof. This way, your roof will remain dry.

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