Thursday Night Fun

Normally every Thursday night in the Summer, we have movie nights with crafts and the girls get to invite friends over. The last two Thursdays have been a little different. One Thursday, the girls had just got back from the Great Wolf Lodge with my parents, so they decided to forgo the movie night. Last Thursday, we had tickets to a soccer game. One of my husband’s favorite teams from Mexico was playing in Raleigh. He has been a life long fan of this team but had never seen them play. He had to come all the way to NC to see a team from his native Mexico play.
 ( How weird is that??)

Irena and Gracie with their matching shirts.
Gracie made them with the help of Maddie.
You can read how to make them here.
Maddie and Mikaela and Allie.
Maddie is wearing Mexico’s shirt.
Mikaela is wearing a Chivas team shirt.

Just being silly.

They had to get a picture with their dad.
Here we are at the game. Maddie and Cassidy posing for the camera.
We loaned Cassidy a shirt to wear.
The guy in  the background is Omar, my husband’s cousin.
He went to the game with us and cheered for the Italy team.
We even got to meet up with family from  Virginia at the game.
This is hubby’s nephew and his son.
My husband is number 9 of 10 children.
So we have a lot of nieces and nephews our age.
PP as he is affectionately called by the girls is also
Mikaela’s Godfather.

The Chivas warming up.

I loved how they took pictures of each  other on the field.
This is a picture of some of our good friends who also had tickets to the game.
They are  in the 2nd row the  guy in blue shirt and white hat and
 end with the boy in the baseball hat.

The paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne before the game.
Chivas take the field.

Mikaela and Raul.

This is one of my favorite pics.

Here is a shot of the game. All and all every one had a good time.
Raul was so excited for the chance to see the Chivas play.
This was most definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity for him.

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