Things to Consider Before Making an Offer on a Property

Things to Consider Before Making an Offer on a Property from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Each time you buy a new home, you learn from your mistakes. You know to look for things like dampness or cracks in the wall instead of admiring the present owners’ soft furnishings or artwork. 

Some things can be rectified after moving in, but some can’t. So, whether you’re looking at properties through an estate agent in Essex or a realtor in Rhode Island, here are some of the things to consider before making an offer on a property. 

Research the area

You may think you know the area in which the house you’re interested in is but do you really know the area? Is everything you need locally? If you’re into running or cycling, is the area suitable or is there too much traffic or too many hills? 

How about schools, dentists, and doctors? Most schools, dentists, or doctors only allow local residents to stay on their books, so if you’re moving out of their catchment area, you might have to find new ones. 

Facebook groups are a great source of information about an area. Ask for recommendations/reservations about not just the area but the specific road you’re interested in buying on. 

Be warned, though, people get protective about their own areas, so the information you get won’t always be as objective as it might be – people living in the east will say it’s better than the west and vice versa, etc. 

Crime rates and personal security, for example – will you feel safe walking back from the station at night or are there plenty of cabs – are also things to take into consideration when looking for homes in pennsylvania, or wherever it is you are looking to buy your new home. 


Price is obviously a factor when it comes to buying houses. Is the house you’re interested in priced reasonably compared to others in the area? If it’s a lot less than others, why is this? Sometimes houses are priced comparatively cheaply for a quick sale, but it can also be a warning sign. Is there something wrong with the property? Does it keep being reduced in price because it’s not selling? Why isn’t it selling? 

The saying goes, ‘If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Houses don’t get sold at a bargain for no reason. 

Does it have what you’re lacking in your current home?

It’s unlikely you’ll find a home that ticks every single box but does the property you’re interested in have most of the things you find lacking in your current home? 

For example, if you’re a keen gardener, is the new garden perfect for growing the things you haven’t been able to until now? 

Speaking of gardens, is it big enough for a shed to keep your bikes in? Big enough for the summer house/garden office you’ve always wanted? Not overlooked by anyone? Safe for cats? 

Going back indoors, if you’ve always wanted a separate shower cubicle as well as a bath, is the bathroom big enough to have one installed if there isn’t one already there? 

Does the new home have a hallway, as opposed to the front door leading into the front room? 

Think about the things that bug you about your current home and make sure the new property doesn’t have them. 

Take time to consider your needs 

It can be easy to be wowed by homes that are beautifully decorated and appear at first sight to be everything you want, but take some time to ask yourself what you really need from your new home before making an offer.

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