These are the 10 Things That Make a Professional Online Loan Provider

These are the 10 Things That Make a Professional Online Loan Provider from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

If you are a borrower who is looking to obtain a loan online there are certain sites offering to help that you will automatically perceive to be better than others just from looking at the way they interact with their online customers.

It is not just the look and feel of a website that gives it the professional touch, of course, as there has to be plenty of other positive features that all combine to confirm the impression that you have found a loan provider that knows what it’s talking about and delivers big on service too.

Here is a look at the main attributes and feature that combine to make a professional loan provider stand out from the crowd.

Experience Counts

When you are searching through a site like and reviewing your options one of the key questions that you will want answering is how experienced the loan provider is and whether they have a proven track record in achieving positive results.

It takes a while to develop a reputation and that comes from having plenty of experience in the lending market, so you will want to know how much experience the lender has in providing loan services.


Another key attribute that is right up there alongside experience is credibility.

You would expect a highly credible loan provider to have a complete grasp of the complexities of the loan market and understand what each borrower is looking for so that they can match them to the right option.

A credible lender is going to be someone who you trust will keep the customer fully informed at every stage of the process and give you the full facts.

Good interest rate deals

The bottom line is that borrowers want to find the best deal possible for their circumstances and a good loan provider is someone who offers competitive rates that compare favorably to other rival lenders.

It is also about explaining what other expenses or fees are attached to the loan as interest rates aren’t the only cost that borrowers need to be fully informed about.


A good loan provider will often be willing to offer a reasonable level of flexibility in relation to payment terms and the proposed schedule.

Some lenders insist on payments being made on a specific date and will not offer anything like payment holidays or agree to a deferred payment when a borrower is struggling with a temporary cash flow issue.

Flexibility is about working with customers in difficult circumstances at times, with the end result that everyone walks away happy at the end of the deal.

On the ball

If there is one thing that frustrates borrowers almost more than anything else it is when you can’t get through to the lender to ask them a question or they don’t respond to your questions or calls.

Response times are a key customer service point and it is highly relevant to find a loan provider who prizes customer satisfaction feedback, which means they answer the phone and reply to your emails as quickly as possible.

If a lender takes too long to get everything sorted and the loan approved, it is likely that borrowers will think about taking their business elsewhere.

Documents in order

Clear and concise loan documentation is another strong attribute that defines you as a professional online loan provider.

It is absolutely essential that every customer truly understands what they are signing and what the loan deal involves in terms of payments and charges.

A good lender will attempt to make all these key points as crystal clear as possible.

The personal touch

Applying for a loan online can be perceived as more impersonal than turning up for a face-to-face meeting with your bank but it doesn’t have to be lacking the personal touch.

A good lender will handle the initial online inquiry and then set about getting to know the customer and adding a more personal touch to the process.

This might be in the form of communication via email or phone, but the fact that the lender seems personally invested in getting the deal done does not normally go unnoticed by borrowers.


Lending money can be as quick and convenient as you want to make it, within reason.

There are certain procedures every borrower will have to go through, naturally, starting off with the loan application itself, but a good lender will often focus on making the whole process as quick, convenient, and customer friendly as possible.


Technology has changed the way we lead our lives and the way we handle financial transactions has changed beyond recognition in recent times.

This means that people can apply for loans using an app on their phone and can even sign a loan document using a digital signature online.

A top loan provider will often have a tech-savvy outlook and offer different online ways for borrowers to interact with them.

Some lenders offer an automated 24/7 lending platform that people can access at their convenience rather than being restricted by office hours and that is a great example of being tech-friendly.

This is considered important when you consider how many people use their smartphone to conduct many aspects of their lives each day.

A broad customer base

Borrowers come in all shapes and sizes and with very varied credit histories too.

Although there are always going to be lenders who specifically focus on markets such as people with bad credit who can’t get a conventional loan, a good lender will often try to accommodate as many people as possible.

A broad customer base is about spreading the risk and it is often the case that a lender will offer a bespoke interest rate deal based on the borrower’s credit profile and past payment history.

A top online loan provider will often try to find a way to say yes more often than not.

If you are a borrower looking for a loan provider all of these points could make a big difference to your application experience, and if you are a loan provider, how many of these attributes describe your business model?

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