The Real Trip to The North Carolina Zoo

I just posted about An Alphabet Trip to The Limerick Zoo, well now I am going to take you on a virtual trip to the North Carolina Zoo. We went there the day before Veteran’s Day with Gracie’s 4th Grade class. So sit back and relax and enjoy the animals at the zoo.

You see Elephants to let you know where to turn in for the Zoo.

Then here is the beautiful sign. Now onto the alphabet.
A is for Alligator, whose mouth opens wide.
B is for Bear. This bear actually jumped in the pond while we were standing there.
C is for Cats, which we saw lots of that day.
D is for Ducks, not to smart swimming near the alligator.
E is for an Elk that was camera shy
F is for Fish.

G is for Giraffe. Imagine what they would like in a turtleneck.
H is for having lots of fun on the playground.
I is for  in the jungle where you  will find most of these animals.
J is for Jumping on statues just right for bears.
K is for Kids Kids Everywhere
L is for Lemurs. My husband was upset because they were not singing and dancing
 “I like to move it move it.”
M is for Monkeys. Technically this is a gorilla and I will just say her mate was giving the children an education. LOL
N is for Nature “Look What I Found”
O is for Owl. Did you know that it can turn it’s head 180 degrees?
P is for Pebbles on the ground.
Q is for Quail walking on the ground.
R is for riding those rides.
S is for snakes that scare me so bad.
T is for Trees.
The NC Zoo is a natural habitat zoo built over 100+ acres.
U is for swimming underwater which is what Seals do.
V is for Very unique sculptures.
I think I will be seeing one of these in my yards real soon.
W is for water.
Geysers getting so high.

X is for xciting displays.
Can you see Gracie inside?
Y is for you . You need to come and play.
Z is for Zebras with stripes so wide.
I hope you enjoyed our trip to the zoo. Have a few more pictures that I will share in later  posts with you. But no trip to the zoo would be complete without a great big bear hug from me to you.

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