The Psychology of Objects: 7 Surprising Things That May be Draining Your Energy

The Psychology of Objects 7 Surprising Things That May be Draining Your Energy from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Moving into a new property is associated with a great deal of physical exertion. You have to move your possessions, get it all inside, arrange the rooms as you want them to be, and then get everything installed correctly.

Firstly, with the rise of beds for rent online and furniture rentals, there is no reason to move all your stuff from one property rental to the next. Rent sofas, laptops, and any other furniture items you need to have a stress-free move.

But what most people don’t realize is that your home’s energy can continue to be drained long after you move in. Not from physical actions, but from the positioning of your furniture around your property. Here are 7 surprising things that may be draining your energy, as well as how to fix them and create good energy flow throughout your home.

An Open Toilet Lid

Kim Jalen, a feng shui coach and member of the International Feng Shui guild, says that an open toilet lid is the single largest drain of positive energy in the home. Close the lid, and get metal covers for any other open drains (including sink drains, bath drains, and shower drains) to stop your positive energy fleeing.

A Central Staircase

A staircase in the centre of your home has a destabilising effect on the property’s energy. Offset this by decorating the staircase with meaningful art work and family photos to keep that energy stabilised and hold the positive energy in the heart of the property.

Two Adjacent Bathroom Mirrors

If you have two adjacent bathroom mirrors above the sink, when you and your partner are cleaning your teeth, the two mirrors create a gap down the centre of your images, symbolising disunity and a lack of connection.

Swapping two mirrors out for one will improve the energy between the two of you and remove any barriers.

A Bedroom Over a Garage

Few things drain your positive energy more than sleeping in a bedroom over a garage. The garage has a lot of in and out energy, while your bedroom should have more stabilised energy. Also, a garage is often highly cluttered, and a bedroom should be a clutter-free space. The juxtaposition of the rooms will not lead to rest and relaxation.

Leaving the Bathroom Door Open

Your bathroom door should be kept closed. An open bathroom door gives good energy the opportunity to escape. Similarly, being able to see your toilet from you bed is not good for your health and energy levels.

Poorly Lit Hallways

Hallways are already considered bad feng shui because they are a place where moving energy meets stagnant energy. However, a poorly lit hallway is a severe energy drain. Invest in some mirrors to reflect more natural light into the hallway and improve the property’s energy levels.

Uncovered Rubbish

Rubbish bins lower the good vibrations in a room by omitting lower vibrations. To reduce the impact this has on the energy of the room, consider covering your rubbish bins to prevent these lower vibrations spreading around the property.

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